Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

The Ties that Bind

14 Jun, 2021
The Ties that Bind

As we emerge from living in isolation and only seeing friends, family and colleagues on Zoom or FaceTime we experience the genuine joy of in person reconnection, laughter, great food, and far-ranging conversations that engage the mind and heart. Although bound together through technology during this past year nothing replaces human contact, especially for those of us who have spent our lives in high-touch service fields. There are moments of pure joy and fears for the future. People seek a return to their pre-pandemic life, but nothing is really the same, and it is not so easy to find our new center point. As Jude writes in her contribution this month, in her return to clinical practice she has identified the need to support clients as they realign to a new reality, there is no true return to what we had before. Perhaps, though there is an opportunity to identify a new way for us to be healthy, grounded and in right relationship with the people in our lives, our work, and the planet on which we live.

Despite the huge relief of moving out of the pandemic, the success of the vaccine program in the US, the political situation here remains unsettled as far too many people in positions of power, still support the BIG LIE, put forth by Trump and his supporters. All of this, in a recent conversation with friends, prompted Donna to reflect on the qualities of Bindweed, something that we both spend way too much time removing from the beds and floor of the growing dome, as well as the outdoor gardens and pathways on our landBindweed is a perennial vining plant that is in the morning glory family. It will snake its way over fences, disguise itself by growing close to plants, and twining around them, it can kill healthy plants by choking them. It grows easily from both seeds and roots, remains viable for up to fifty years, with each plant having the capability to produce up to 500 seeds. Bindweeds real strength is in its root structure, which can be twenty feet long and extend deep into the ground. It also has tremendous ability to disguise itself. A green arrow shaped leaf, and white and pink flowers, may prompt you to think it’s a pretty ground cover. You really don’t want it to flower, but it is almost impossible to get to it all before it does, and it takes tremendous vigilance and incredible persistence to manage it. The most successful technique is to starve it of light, cut it at the soil level, and keep doing so, which prevents photosynthesis.

After the experiences we’ve been through in the past 5 years, bindweed stands as a metaphor for being out of control, incredible tenacity, the will to survive and thrive whatever the cost.  Reflecting on this, we ask what binds us, both good and bad. What have we learned about ourselves as we navigate through huge loss and isolation? What is it we most want to change about our lives as we reemerge and revision what it feels like to be in a place of balance? Have we put strong roots deep into the ground during isolation? Will they remain strong as we move forward, or do we feel constrained by them? Is it time to break the ties that bind us and identify a new pathway forward or to embrace and hold close and redefine our network?

Many are choosing to embrace false narratives, lone cowboy attitudes, or delusional perspectives as we emerge from the pandemic. The more we give lies, stealing and lone cowboy attitudes light the more they grow. How do we maintain truth and integrity at this time? The more we join with allies of consciousness, lean on one another, support rather than use community for selfish needs, the more we create soliton energy that roars and seeds itself. It becomes the truth, and it challenges the lies of misinformation and tyranny. The allegiance must be to higher consciousness, ecological values, community, frequency shifting and co-creating a new future together that is based on co-operation and shared facts and truth. We must remember that bindweed chokes our essence, binds off what is good and true, and blocks access to our divine self. It can impede the total expression of destiny. Consider using this metaphor as a powerful reminder to question and unwind where we are bound to the negative and to embrace the ties that are positive, support growth, health, and expanded consciousness so that we can grow into the light, with awareness of self and soul.

As Acutonics approaches its 25th anniversary, there are deep ties that powerfully bind us together, in so many positive ways. We are a global network of practitioners, students and faculty and there have been so many new connections made through the year of the pandemic as we all took to Zoom. Students from around the globe got to meet one another, and people who may have been in the very earliest classes offered found time to reconnect with us as well. Teachers who have been on sabbatical, are also returning, which has been a great gift. We deeply cherish these relationships, both new and old, as they provide the seeds of the future.

As we move forward, we will continue to offer a mix of live Zoom classes and a slow return to in-person classes. Several innovative ways of offering classes through Zoom will continue including free forums, and classes reimagined for Zoom. These include Judy Bernard’s Seeds of Eight Class, and Lynn Wedekind’s new elective, Interplanetary Intervals: Foundational Concepts, designed to deepen your understanding of Intervallic relationships and how to integrate them within the Acutonics® Healing System. Both courses are offered in 2-hour time blocks, across multiple weeks, to minimize Zoom fatigue and expand the learning experience.

May this solstice bring you strength, stability, inspiration, love, and peace as your pure inner light shines forth to guide you forward.

Ellen & Donna