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The Fire Element: Finding Joy and Harmony

26 May, 2023
The Fire Element: Finding Joy and Harmony

Ellen F. Franklin, PhD

Just a year ago we were on mandatory evacuation from our home and Acutonics headquarters. Our valley was under threat from the massive Hermits Peak/Calf Canyon Fires. We have never so totally embodied the Fire Element, but were among the fortunate as the raging fire never jumped the ridge into our valley.

In Five Elements, the fundamental interaction between the elements, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, represent elements of the Universe; the interactions that unfold when things are in balance or radically out of balance. In the Northern Hemisphere as we move toward Summer Solstice, we enter the season of the Fire Element. This is a time to plant seeds, experience warmth, productivity, expansion, and growth, the emotion is joy, Yet, when the Fire Element is completely out of balance there is little joy to be found, and anxiety prevails.

*Debra Kaatz writes:

When we feel joy in our hearts, we can give great warmth, love and enthusiasm to whatever task lies before us. When our heart is out of balance, we lose the joy and warmth that gives life its sparkle and we become unable to accept love from others or we become over demanding. When the heart is brought back into balance by calming and emptying our hearts then a sweet child-like innocence enters our nature, and we can love with a goodness that knows no division. The defenses around the heart are opened and we become fresh and full of the joy of seeing the love and spirt that surrounds us.

Despite the turmoil, political unrest, and dis-ease that you may be grappling with the Fire Element will help you find clarity and strength. The returning light and warmth enable you to recognize what is precious with newfound delight. Encouraged by the sun’s fullness and warmth, seek out activities and connections that support growth toward your highest potential.

Find moments that bring a genuine smile or outright laughter. What makes you laugh; can you recall a recent experience? How did you feel? Did others join in with you, was it difficult to stop.

Debra Kaatz writes: “Laughter is contagious and often difficult to stop when it is from the heart. For the Chinese, laugher is the voice of harmony. Shared laughter brings everyone together in pure pleasure and enjoyment by spontaneously opening the joys of the heart.”

Astrologically, we are in the sign of Gemini ruled by the planet Mercury the messenger, trickster, and patron of travelers. The trickster archetype is universal— intuitive, clever, fluid, and slippery. Consider the story of Hermes birth and his interactions with Apollo or many of the Pueblo culture trickster/clowns. There are many trickster/shamans that view humor as the best form of medicine.

As patron to traveler’s Mercury is also credited with leaving guideposts or herms along the road to aid people in finding their way. Summer is often a time for travel, something that was not possible during the Covid pandemic. As many of us return to travel, think of it as a spiritual practice in which the journey matters more than the destination. If you open your eyes, minds and hearts to the magnitude and miracle of your journey, then life itself becomes an extraordinary adventure. May this season of the Fire Element bring laughter and true harmony as you traverse the elemental Fire portal into summer.

This past Spring, true to the nature of the season there has been so much in bud. Working with Eeka King, Senior Acutonics faculty from Australia, we updated certification qualifications. You can read more about these changes on our website at Eeka also mentored seventeen students to complete all their studies to become Certified Acutonics® Practitioners. You can read more about their great graduation celebration in this newsletter. Donna and I just completed teacher training for Acutonics Level I & II with six exceptional Acutonics practitioners from the US and Canada. They include Cody Foor, Buford, Georgia; Christopher Estes & Emily Rowe, Miami, Florida; Carol Kerly-Rimmer, Burlington, Ontario, Canada; Ron Pankratz, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; and Adrianne Irizarry, South Berwick, Maine. Adrienne is profiled in this newsletter.

Donna has been hard at work changing the growing dome over for summer crops, including cucumber, tomatoes, chili peppers, shishitos, leeks, scallions, foot long beans, lettuce, chard, basil, and many other herbs. We are experimenting with asparagus in the growing dome, too, and the first spears have emerged. Today the beds in the outdoor garden have been rototilled and planting has begun for beets, carrots, corn, summer and winter squash.

We hope that throughout these summer months you find rich opportunities to blossom and flower finding precious moments of joy, love, laugher, and warmth in all aspects of your life and wherever your travels may take you.

*Debra Kaatz’s books, The Art of Spiritual Acupuncture, Sacral-Cranial Touch, Plant Spirits and the Cosmos and Characters of Wisdom: Taoist Tales of the Acupuncture Points are in stock.