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The Fifth Season: Opening our Hearts to Love

3 Aug, 2022
The Fifth Season: Opening our Hearts to Love

Ellen F. Franklin, PhD

In the Book Characters of Wisdom, Deborah Kaatz writes: Our heart’s ability to transform all of the information coming from the outside and to give what is needed, is the work of the earth element. In this way the earth has the ability to digest and transport the caring and nourishing thoughts of our heart. This is how our heart can expand itself to the dimensions of the universe.” 

During this powerful time as we reside between the peak of summer and the golden days of Fall, we are also deep into the Leo archetype. As Vanessa Strauss writes, in her contribution the Leo archetype is the light bearer of consciousness.

We can overcome fear by summoning courage, faith, and love principles. Love, in shamanic understanding, is faith in a divine presence. It is the knowledge that we are not alone, that we are all connected, and we are all One.”

As all the contributors to this newsletter cite, there are huge opportunities that emerge from despair in this elemental season, opportunities to manifest and create with new vision of our infinite potential. This is the time to step up, find our voice, and direct love and compassion to the planet for personal, planetary, and collective healing. Each one of us has the tools we need to ride this extraordinary wave and to find the richness within it.

Reflecting on psychospiritual indigestion, I am reminded that Carl Jung wrote that every neurosis is an offended god. That when some archetypal principle is violated – the psyche in and of itself might be viewed as divine for it seeks to find the deep connections, that help us to find meaning and transcendence out of the most challenging times. We are in that time; it is a time of transcendence, and we are the meaning makers.

All of us our injured to some degree or have experience trauma in our lives. Just looking back on the last few years, it is impossible not to feel at a cellular level the daily abuse to our planet. We bear witness to the abuse of power throughout the world, where greed and corruption are far too often the most common form of currency. But we can transcend this as we embrace and hold in our hearts the Taoist ideal that we are infinitely connected to something far greater than ourselves.

During this time of the Earth element, we have an opportunity to invoke a healthy Spleen, which represents a powerful, compassionate understanding for others and the ability to manifest spirit-infused intelligence, creativity and understanding, to midwife a new and better harvest for all. Combined with a health Hun we are able to access our spiritual path, so that our soul is able to expand and grow with kindness and compassion.

As you stand tall, reflect on how to move beyond anxiety, stress, and trauma, to transcend, unwind and release self-limiting counter-productive behaviors. Choose tools that you would use for your own self-care, Ohm, New Moon, Sedna, Chiron, Hygeia, Nibiru, Venus. What tools call to you, what would you direct outward to your communities and the Earth?

As you hold strong to center with your heart fully open, direct healing out to those most in need, to the collective, and then out to the planet. Lift your thoughts, and healing sounds to the microcosmic orbit of the planet with love, compassion, humility, and wisdom directed to the collective. By first engaging in our own self-care, to manage personal stress and anxiety we are better able to follow our souls’ journey, to be renewed, and present for self, family, clients, community and the collective.

We are powerful beyond measure when we accept love is the highest gift to both give and receive. May the light of this season’s golden harvest embrace and nurture you with kindness, compassion, and peace. In gratitude for all that is and all that will be.