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Rediscover the Sacredness in Everyday Life

1 Jun, 2018
Rediscover the Sacredness in Everyday Life

Ellen F. Franklin, PhD

This month we celebrate Mercury, identified by Thomas Moore as a key player in our care for and understanding of the soul an aid to rediscover the sacredness in everyday life: “Care of the soul is not solving the puzzle of life; quite the opposite, it is an appreciation of the paradoxical mysteries that blend light and darkness into the grandeur of what human life and culture can be.” If Mercury is present in our lives with wit and humor, there is a good chance that we will be successful in cultivating the magic, wonder, and creativity of life, which is the gift of the soul.

“Creativity is foremost, being in the world soulfully, for the only thing we truly make, whether in the arts, in culture, or at home, is soul.” -Thomas Moore, Care for the Soul: A Guide to Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life, 1992

With Mercury at our side we are able to find our voice, the words we most need, and the best medium to articulate those ideas. Mercury supports our capacity to create on a multiplicity of levels. If we take the time to cultivate the archetypal qualities that are associated with Mercury we are open to explore, innovate, and step up when appropriate to be a guide to others. Instead of getting stuck in our own story, we need to embrace and understand the rich potential to create a new reality, freeing our mind rather than getting trapped within our own illusions. Unfortunately, there are no shortages of potential illusions contained within this archetype: some of the more negative aspects are the shape-shifter, trickster, and prince of lies, all of whom are easily able to twist the truth. In recent times the negative aspects associated with Mercury are ever present for this is the weaver of elaborate tapestries of deception, concealing unpleasant realities with ease. The con artist, career criminal, lobbyist, public-relations and marketing professionals, embedded journalist, and politician all are aspects of the quicksilver double-edged tongue of Mercury, the spin doctor.

But we invite a different more sacred approach to Mercury that invites us to explore the mysteries of the Universe. Do not get caught in the web of illusion but choose the path of light and love, cultivating the magic, wonder and soul making qualities of Mercury to rediscover the sacredness in everyday Life.

A Day in the Life of the Mothership

As I write this month’s blog we are focused on preparing for the classes that begin here at the Mothership on June 4 and run through June 17. We try to approach all aspects of getting ready for classes as though we are on a sacred journey despite the tremendous amount of work required. This is a great opportunity to take a walk on the land and check our trails, and marvel at how much we’ve done on our 35 acres. But it also provides us with the information on what needs to be cleared, fixed, mowed, or painted—where do we need to replenish wood chips or pull the ever-present weeds. We check that all of the art installations, hiking paths, and labyrinth on our land are in good shape, the garden paths must be clear and easy to walk, and the growing dome should be a welcome spot for students to visit. We also visit the yurt, our teaching space, to check on the seating (as these classes are all filled to capacity), and the space itself gets a careful inspection to make sure that no unwelcome visitors took up residence over the winter.

All of the outside seating (stored away for winter) needs to be put back out on the land. Donna and I review our class notes before every class and update the material whenever we have something that we feel is important to add. As we are teaching Sedna I’ve spent a lot of time rethinking the segment I teach on the environment, there is so much to share and discuss. Sande is preparing all of the student handouts and paperwork that is required for every class. We of course shop for snacks, and I’ve already begun to bake muffins. This time, I’m trying new recipes and decided to make mini muffins for morning snack. Last night I made two new recipes, raspberry walnut and pear ginger muffins. Both the raspberries and pears are grown here. I also made gluten free blueberry muffins, and apple zucchini.

Currently, the outside gardens are planted, and new life is popping up in the beds, the growing dome has been changed over to summer crops and we have tomatoes, cucumbers, chili peppers, lettuce, and herbs growing. There is a daily patrol to try to make sure the Roly Polies, aka Pill Bugs, are not devouring our new plants and that the ever-present bind weed, and rose hips, are kept under control.

Donna, the principal architect and keeper of the land and gardens, has been away this past week and I’ve had the honor of tending to them. The quiet of early morning in the dome or walking through the outside garden to check on our young plants is a beautiful morning ritual that feeds the soul. The silence punctuated with bird call, redolent lilacs in full bloom permeates the air. All conspire to calm heart and mind and create a sense of wonder, peace and enchantment that is inherent in nature.

Wishing each of you days filled with sacred experiences, enchantment, light, and love.