Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

Planting Seeds of Transformation

1 Mar, 2022
Planting Seeds of Transformation

In a world out of balance, we sound our tools for peace, strive for unity, and lift our heads toward the light, not unlike the beautiful sunflower, a symbol of Ukraine, with the Fibonacci spiral, reaching toward the heavens. Each of us is in a state of becoming, some examine, question, and explore, others accept, seek balance and experience at a profound level.

We are not separate from the complex and distressing world events, as a global organization we have students and faculty around the globe including in Poland, Russia, and the Ukraine. My grandparents were part of the great migration to the United States of Jews fleeing Eastern Europe in the early 1900s. My DNA is nearly 100% Eastern European, with roots in the Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania. Many people in the Acutonics community have spoken about their deep ties to this region of the world, and the pain they feel. This is a powerful nexus, a time where we can work to transform to our very best self, and step into the roles, we were called here to fill during this deeply challenging time. Peace, a prayer for peace, a prayer for democracy.

There is a clarion call to focus with clear intent the beneficial power of sound vibration to affect change on a global scale, this call for peace, harmony, and balance, begins with the self. If you are personally feeling anxious take your tuning forks with you out into the world, as Judy Bernard suggests, in Have Forks Will Travel, these simple treatments can make a profound difference. Embrace the coming Spring Equinox, and the Element of Wood, which supports our sense of optimism, hope, and purpose and invites an exploration of new possibilities, which Jude Ponton articulates so well in her article, Spring: The Wood Element, Growth, Expansion and Re-Vision.

A genuine revision on how we respond to the climate crisis, is of critical importance, as we move beyond the tipping point. Just days ago, on February 28th the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, released their new report that cites the devastating impact climate change is having on health, lives and livelihoods, property, critical infrastructure, including energy and transportation systems, which are being adversely affected by hazards from heatwaves, storms, drought, fires and flooding as well as sea level rise. Many people in our community have been in direct line of these weather extremes occurring simultaneously, causing cascading impacts that are increasingly difficult to manage. Vanessa Strauss was personally experiencing the horrific flooding, and loss of power in Queensland, Australia, and concerned about whether her article for this newsletter, Neptunian Fog, would reach me. I am happy to say that it did, as her insights about the planetary events in the next few months are quite powerful.

Take some time to work with Sedna a genuine harbinger of these climate disasters and consider how you will step up, what small changes can you make personally that will have the most impact?

It is sometimes hard to make sense of the senseless, I was reminded by Donna of the Hopi word, Ko.yaa.nis.katsi.

Definition: 1. Life out of balance. 2. Life of moral corruption and turmoil. 3. Crazy life. 4. Life in turmoil.5. A state of life that calls for another way of living.

Another way of living, how might we live differently, what does it take to shift from a world of corrupt turmoil to a place of integrity, sharing resources and caring for one another.

Here at the Mothership, we are so grateful for the growing dome, not only does it provide us and our neighbors with nutritious food year-round, but it is a place of ceremony where intentions are set in the soil and seeds. We recently had our nephew Mathew (co-founder of Brew Gentlemen) visiting from Pittsburgh, with his friends, Alaina, Brittany, Aaron and Alx. It was wonderful to have 30 something energy here, we cooked together, snowshoed, and Judy Bernard gifted them with a beautiful Harmonic Attunement®, that included the Hygiea gong. We spent much time in the dome, gathering food for meals, but also to set intentions for the transformational changes we sought in our lives. With tuning forks and hand chimes we sounded the seeds and soils, and worked creatively with colored chalks to reflect what we most hoped to focus on for our futures. Mathew and friends are already making plans to return to the Mothership to plant a peace garden.

Today as we emerge from a week of snow and bitter cold, we are blessed to have the promise of Spring in the growing dome, lettuce, beets, kale, chard, parsley, thyme, mint, cilantro, and all the seedlings recently planted, including fractal broccoli, rainbow greens, tomatoes, peppers, lavender, and morning glories filled with intention, love, and sound.

May you find light in the darkness, opportunities for renewal, growth, and genuine transformation as we revision a healthy and peaceful planet.