Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

Planetary Frequency: Myths, Archetypes and Musical Intervals

30 Mar, 2016
Planetary Frequency: Myths, Archetypes and Musical Intervals

Ellen F. Franklin, PhD

So much more than any one frequency or tuning fork can provide!

The vision for Acutonics has always been that we would create an in-depth applied methodology that facilitates people's healing and the innate wisdom of the body to heal. We are not "healers", we assist others in their journey and their re-discovery of the inborn wisdom of the body to shift and repair. We provide tools that aid in this process (tuning forks, chimes, and gongs) and use them in combination with a 5000-year-old medicine. East Asian Medicine is really about bringing the body into balance and harmony with the greater cycles of nature. Acutonics is also rooted in psychology, where archetypes, myths, and the stories we carry with us offer keys to understand our soul's journey. Music theory and the intervallic relationship between two tuning forks also play a significant role here. So there are many more elements incorporated into Acutonics then a single note, frequency, or tuning fork.

We certainly recognize that many people speak of shifting planetary frequencies, and some even dispute the frequencies that we have developed through in depth research, and used clinically for twenty years. But frequency is just one small aspect of a much bigger archetypal and energetic zeitgeist. The images associated with the planets and what they represent therapeutically will not change. Mars will continue to rule the head, but perhaps the headstrong warrior will shift his focus to fight for the environment. Venus will always represent love, female sensuality, and beauty but in this time of change perhaps her energy is directed toward helping others find the beauty within.  Mercury is synthesis and a mediator and wouldn’t it be great if this energy could be directed toward healing cultural rifts including our current political landscape, and work to find common ground among warring people and nations. The Sun will always be the most yang, the full moon is the most yin. 

Another example might be Chiron as represented in the archetype of the wounded healer. Our responsibility as guides is to transcend the wounding within us and to embody the healed healer/teacher to be whole, present, and available. These mythic and archetypal images are not just part of the Greco-Roman canon they can be found across time and throughout ancient and indigenous cultures. We are sometimes asked whether we will need to recalibrate our tuning forks to be in alignment with anticipated planetary shifts — our answer is a resounding NO, but perhaps as we travel deeper and deeper into inter-stellar space new frequencies will emerge and we will explore their relevance to health and wellness.

Frequency is just one small data point in a multi-dimensional Universe. What I find truly exciting at this time is that the wisdom of the ancients is being rediscovered and confirmed by modern science. We are made of the same material as the stars--and life is filled with infinite potential. Shifts in the planets or the galactic core may more significantly relate to our responsibility to help one another remember the whole, the Wu Qi, the Galactic Center, wherever and whatever that may be. It may be that the planets and the Galactic Center will not really change appreciably, or that they've already changed, as time is multi-dimensional and fluid. What is important is how we relate to these shifts — real, imagined, or energetic.  Consciousness is also fluid it changes and shifts all the time.

There is no one fixed point in time, no special alignment that makes it so. This is the work that each one of us does on a daily basis to live from a place of integrity, to recognize and work with our own limitations, to commit to growth and change. It is through doing our own work and gaining clarity that we are able to reach out to touch others. Impacting just one individual can and does make an exponential difference.  This is the bridge that we try to model on a daily basis.  We are not interested in being gurus or the fixers, we don't claim that our frequencies are the only frequencies there are many ways to approach Wu Qi.  However, our twenty years of clinical experience and research into the direct application of sound vibrations to the body has placed us in a unique position as leaders in the field of sound healing and integrative medicine. We are deeply committed to aiding others in their journey — wherever it may take them. In this new age, the age of Aquarius it is about communities coming together to hold energy, to work for the greater good, to recognize that no one person has all the answers, but that ultimately our purpose here at this time of great change is to make a difference in the lives, of people, animals, and the greater environment.  It is our responsibility to live in integrity, with purpose, and an open heart.