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Living with an Aligned Heart – Celebrate the Sun

1 Aug, 2017
Living with an Aligned Heart – Celebrate the Sun

Ellen F. Franklin, PhD

On July 23rd we entered into the sign of Leo, which is ruled by the Sun. The Sun is the heart of the solar system a guardian of the gateway to other worlds generating warmth and providing energy for us and for all growing things. The Sun is both our wake-up call and our benefactor, looking over us with fatherly protection, unconditional love and generosity. Theologian Matthew Fox writing about generosity reminds us that true generosity is when we give from the very depths of our heart and soul, without a sought-after or guaranteed return. When we are able to recognize the unique gifts that each living organism brings forth and to openly share our divine spark without demands, this is true abundance, generosity endowed with true divinity. How blessed we are to reside in a vast, magnificently beautiful, and infinitely generous universe that demonstrates myriad levels of interconnectivity.

In Chinese Medicine this is the season of the Fire Element – a time to enjoy the beauty and bounty of the natural world to both give and receive warmth and to freely express joy, laughter and passion. In her student profile Laura Herman describes a sensation of pure joy that she experienced during an Acutonics experience at a class. She envisions the possibilities of this work to shine a light for herself and others, through self-cultivation seeking ways to shine a light to nurture the part of oneself that is brightest. This is an example of a healthy Fire Element — mature and grounded, understanding the blessings of inner abundance and able to share fully of oneself.  

When you are working with your Acutonics tools do not underestimate the power of the Sun to bring back joy to our lives and fire to our spirit. A bit of Nibiru or Jupiter can enhance the impact of the Sun, reminding us that we are strong, confident and have the ability to shine a light to both give and receive warmth.

In her doctoral dissertation, Christine Gallagher conducted research on forty people to see the effect of Acutonics on perceptions of joy. In her study, where she had both a control and experimental group, every participant in the experimental group who received the Acutonics treatment reported feeling better immediately. Their connection to spirit and their feelings of joy increased. The scores on the Beck depression inventory dropped significantly (the higher the score, the greater the feelings of depression). In addition, at a three week follow up the experimental group reported that they still felt good. The control group had no change from their pre-and post-tests. This is helpful and significant to further underscore the benefits of the Acutonics treatment versus receiving nothing at all. Ohm Unison and Ohm Octave, Sun/Venus and the Solar 7th were among the tools used in this study.

Paul and Jude Ponton shine a light on working with the energy of the Sun to access the field of all possibilities or Wu Qi, the undifferentiated oneness from which the duality of yin and yang emerge, the field of infinite potential. If old thought forms or emotional patterns prevent you from living fully you might find that the high frequency Mercury and Sun2 as well as Sun Jupiter help access and open the heart.

During these challenging times we often forget the critical importance of having fun, which is a key aspect of well being, and living in alignment with the needs of our heart. What brings you joy — a hike in nature, photography, dancing, singing at the top of your lungs, stand up paddle boarding, an ocean walk or swim, gardening, make the time for it, get physical — awaken your heart!

Here at the Mothership the bounty of the gardens and the growing dome, sunflowers springing up around us, figs dropping from the tree, and the recent harvest of onions and garlic are pleasant reminders of abundance here in the Northern Hemisphere. We are also harvesting tomatoes, tomatillos, kale, cucumbers, lettuce and many fresh herbs. It is also the time of summer monsoons where the evening rains are calling the dry desert Earth back to life. Although, we did recently witness an over active yang element, with lightening strikes, taking out our phone and alarm system in the office for almost a week. But, it also provided the impetus to take care of many technology issues here at the Mothership; an ongoing process that we hope will lead to improvements for all of us, yin within yang, balance within all things.

Recent visitors to the Mothership include Laura Herman and her husband Mike Aplet who were on a spontaneous road trip from California to Chicago. Oksana Merimskaya from Moscow just spent a week with us. We enjoyed sharing the bounty of the garden with her, a trip to Ojo Caliente, Taos Drum and helping her prepare her lecture for her upcoming Level IV class in Russia. We are busy preparing for our September classes. Acutonics Level III and IV is full, however there is still an opportunity to take Ethics in Clinical Practice, Clinical Documentaries and to complete ten clinic hours during our clinic day. These classes will be co-taught by Ellen and Tina Morani. You can learn more about Tina in this newsletter as she is our featured teacher.

How blessed we are to embrace the light of the Sun. May it fill your hearts with love, joy and boundless enthusiasm for life. We hope to see you soon either on line in our Facebook community, AcutonicsHealing or here at the Mothership.