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Heart Based Communication

1 Jun, 2017
Heart Based Communication

Ellen F. Franklin, PhD

In this newsletter Paul and Jude Ponton’s contribution explores techniques for shifting our conscious awareness so that it is in resonance with the spirit and field of the heart. Our featured teacher Susan Goldstone guided by lessons from early in life, strives to live an authentic heart based life, connected to Source. Kay Broyles, our profiled student has been interested in healing since she was a young child, inspired by stories of medical missionaries and fascinated by faith healings of spiritual healers such as Kathryn Kuhlman, Olga Worrall, and Edgar Casey. At 70 Kay is actively engaged in her community teaching people about living a chemically free life and working as a tireless volunteer in her hometown of Muenster, Texas. Each of these contributions is reflective of people who have made choices in their lives to live from a place of integrity and light, engaging in open, heart-based communication. The response to the terrorist event in Manchester, England by the local community has been extraordinarily heart based, respectful, and thoughtful — not giving in to fear. It is so easy for these tragic events to provoke fear and distrust of our neighbors, or they can bring people together with open hearts to seek unity, inspire one another and work to promote peace. 

All of this, links to a philosophical question posed by John Rosen (Tone) recently in our Facebook group, regarding raising our frequency. What is really meant when people talk about raising their frequency, Tone questions? Is this a good thing or does, for example, our use of high frequency tuning forks create more resistance? This question prompted a dialogue on Facebook and between Donna and myself and as often happens it appears to have emerged as the underlying theme this month.

Frequency defined as a wave that carries energy is everywhere. We are surrounded by these waves. The fan in your refrigerator, the air conditioner, your fingers typing on the keyboard, the beating of your heart, all have resonant frequencies. Scientifically frequency is measured in cycles per second; 100 HZ is equal to 100 cycles per second. When a sound is about 25 hertz it is ultrasonic, below 16, HZ ELF waves or Extremely Low Frequency. Whales hear as high as 50,000 HZ and elephants as low as 10 HZ. Below 20 HZ sound looses form – and we know from our work with sound that sound travels four times faster in water than in air and so the human body is a perfect sound resonator – as we are more than 70% water.

A factor which contributes to the question of raising frequency is that the slower the vibration the lower the frequency, the faster the vibration the higher the frequency. So, we have the language high and low, which has come to have a judgment attached to it, and somehow given human nature low vibration has come to be associated with darkness, depression, lethargy, and even evil. While high vibration is exalted, bringing us closer to heaven. Simplistic descriptions perhaps but a judgment, nonetheless, that one is better than the other.

We are constantly bombarded with high frequency sounds through technology, satellites in space, even a whistling teakettle. Many of the energy devices that are sold for protection are providing protection from the high frequency generated by the technology we have all become so dependent on.

Reflecting on the Taoist tenants that are at the foundation of Acutonics, as above so below, as within so without, heaven, earth and I are one. Isn’t our goal about unity, finding the balance between the higher vibrations of the heavens and the lower vibrations of the Earth and mixing them in the heart? Isn’t this the lesson of the three treasures DU 20, Gate of the Ancestors, REN 17, Original Child, and REN 4, Origin Pass, the integration of the wisdom from our star teachers, rooted in our core, and brought together in the heart. When we work with the tuning forks, we generally work with the octaves of middle, low and high, and we always return to ground on KID 1 at the conclusion of a treatment to root and reconnect to Earth.

This morning, tuning into the vibration of the natural world I hear the high trilling calls of birds, and then a deeper more raucous sound answers it. Being in nature close to Source the range of frequency is a gift of beautiful diversity filled with high and low vibrations, bees and humming birds, the low bass sound of an elephant’s trumpet, one of the most profound mammals on our planet. If we were to exist only in a mid-range of frequency we would not have the highs and the lows. Might high frequency be too manic or low frequency too depressive? Is there a middle road —our own personal keynote that embraces the wisdom of the ancestors is rooted at our core and held authentically in our hearts. What do you find most centering and healthy that allows you to live in your heart, in the present moment. Connecting to the natural place where you belong. Sometimes we set lofty goals, or follow a path to the extreme, getting caught up in a guru culture, focused solely on raising vibration, at the expense of our own creative process, growth and transformation, we loose the ability to trust to the wisdom of our own heart.

The Heart Math Institute explores the relationship between heart-brain communication with regard to not only managing stress (the root cause of many illnesses or our time) but to deepen our connections with one another tuning in to the lessons of the heart. The research of HMI focuses on how the magnetic fields of the Earth and Sun affect and influence human behavior and health. And so, if we expand our vibration, expand the field of our heart or our Shen, rather than raise it, what might it look like? A unification of the three treasures, an opening to the infinite potential within ourselves, and those we are called to serve. The ability to travel between the worlds and to engage fully in the present moment amidst the chaos of these times, something to strive for, as is the recognition that high and low need not be a judgment or a place but a continuum.

Perhaps it is time to re frame the dialogue on frequency to reflect that life is not linear it is like the Tao itself, a balance between yin and yang, head and heart, high and low, body, mind and spirit.

May was an incredibly busy month, with Ellen in New York and San Antonio, and Donna and Ellen traveling to Tucson to attend a graduation. Here at the Mothership Donna has been quite busy on the land and in the growing dome. Her efforts are visible everywhere, as new plants push through the soil and we feast on our first cucumbers from the growing dome. The fig tree has taken over the dome, filled with new fruit, and there are many blossoms and lemons on the Meyer lemon tree. We are growing tomatillos for the first time this year and struck by the beauty of the blossoms and the formation of the outer protective husks. The pasture land is rich and green, with wild irises dot the fields, and the late snow has the acequia (which we depend on for irrigation) running full and fast.

The Energy Psychology conference was a huge success. We saw many old friends and connected with great new ones. The one-day class on the psychological psychological applications for the Eight Extraordinary Vessels was very well received and the tools for self-care were of great interest to Energy Psychology practitioners, as was my doctoral research. I’ve already heard from people who are using the protocol and reporting very positive results. A very big THANK YOU to Mary Burke Kelly and Janet DeVallauris who made the journey to San Antonio to assist me with the class and in our booth.

This has also been a very busy time for the Acutonics community. Alicia Villamarin and Maria Romero completed a successful mission to Cuba with the WU Project and they will be returning to Chiapas, Mexico for phase two of their work June 20th-27th. If you are interested in volunteering or donating to this very worthy organization contact Maria Romero or Alicia Villamarin. Ling Chen recently completed teaching Acutonics Level IV in Taiwan, Izumi Masukawa hosted a very large event, The Lifetune Celebration of Unity in Japan, May 27th-28th, and Katie Mink and Laurie Herron recently announced their plans for this year’s Acutonics Camp, which will be held July 27th-31st in Mt. Shasta, California.

Our Acutonics Level I & II Intensive begins today and we are excited to meet all of our new students. We also have many visitors coming to the Mothership this summer, including Acutonics teachers Tina Morani from Maryland, visiting later this month, Oksana Merimskaya who will be visiting from Moscow in July, and Joanie Solaini coming from England in August to work on new art installation on the land. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you soon.

Photos © Ellen F. Franklin, PhD