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Fire and Ice: Pluto’s Frozen Heart

21 Jul, 2015
Fire and Ice: Pluto’s Frozen Heart

Ellen F. Franklin, PhD

In this month’s Acutonics newsletter senior faculty members Paul and Jude Ponton share their perspective on summer, the Fire Element, and the heart as a gateway to our authentic spirit or Shen. Their contribution prompted me to think about Pluto and the recent New Horizons discovery of a frozen plain in the heart of Pluto’s heart. These plains are located north of Pluto’s icy mountains, in the center of the region that NASA has named Tombaugh Regio in honor of Clyde Tombaugh who discovered Pluto in 1930. It is the heart of summer here in the Northern hemisphere; a fitting time to not only celebrate the discovery of vast icy regions in the heart of Pluto, but to reflect on how our work with the vibratory energy of Pluto is in alignment with the newest planetary science, and can help us find joy in our lives. Just watching the faces on the New Horizons's scientific team one is reminded of the pure joy that results from a sense of hard work and profound accomplishments.

The Fire Element is the element of summer represented through the heat of a flame and the warmth of the sun. It is a time of abundant growth, flowers blossom, vegetables ripen, and rich new relationships form and deepen. The emotion is joy, which fosters a feeling of heart-centered growth and tremendous creativity. The heart in Chinese Medicine also relate to thinking, memory, and consciousness the Shen or our true spirit. Yet, what happens when the Fire Element is out of balance? There may be a sense of feeling stuck or frozen. Unable to move forward there is sadness or depression the heart feels shut down, and there is an inability to relate to others or to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us in the natural world.

When we examine the mythical and archetypal aspects of Pluto we meet the Olympian god who is the ruler of the underworld and all things subterranean, including caves, metals and gems that are found deep within the Earth. Many cross cultural gods of the underworld link to concepts of death, transformation, and resurrection. Representing the soul or psyche, the shadow, volcanic eruptions, and things that lurk deep beneath the surface including the unconscious and the collective unconscious. Just as Pluto was not a god of death, this archetype does not necessarily represent physical death although it can relate to all types of loss, including memories, hope and purpose. The newest planetary science and images from Pluto may infact support that those things that freeze us in our tracks and prevent us from living to our full potential, may also provide amazing heartfelt insights that promote growth and transformation.

The interval Ohm/Pluto is highly dissonant and, as a result, it penetrates deep into the body to help break down feelings of being stuck or deep resistance. With the arrival of summer and the newest images of Pluto this is the perfect time to nurture heart energy. Pluto helps to access deep-rooted emotional and psychological issues, so that we are able to mine the hidden gems burried deep within. As we bring the Fire Element into balance, we are able to open our hearts to new possibilities and to feel a sence of calmness, renewed purpose, warmth within ourselves and for those around us. True harmony is possible even in the face of adversity and joy returns.

Pluto and the Fire Element of summer provide an opportunity to do powerful heart based work. Also consider working with Vesta who has an association with Pluto and with Fire. Specifically the experiential and subjective fire that may be buried deep within.

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Photo Credits: Pluto courtesy of NASA/JHUAPL; Heirloom Spinach Ellen F. Franklin