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Earth Stewardship

14 Aug, 2023
Earth Stewardship

Ellen F. Franklin, PhD,  and Donna Carey, LAc

“Brutal heat waves have baked the world this summer and they haven’t been contained to land. Earth’s oceans are the hottest they have been in modern history, by an unusually wide margin.” NY Times-August 3, 2023

On our recent return to the Arctic waters (July 2023) we felt the presence of both Sedna the Inuit goddess of the sea, and Chiron in his role as an Earth Steward. Daily reports of the warmest summer on record, and the impact this has on the world’s oceans particularly in the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans are a stark reminder of the importance of Earth Stewardship.

Earth Stewardship is a proactive shaping of physical, biological, and social conditions to sustain, rather than disrupt, critical earth-system processes in support of nature and human well-being at every level from local-to-planetary. (Chapin et al. 2010; Steffen et al. 2011).

This movement toward social-ecological change builds on ecosystem resilience, guided with empathy and a clear focus on human and planetary well-being. Perhaps, in addition to Sedna this is why Chiron, the Earth Steward, compassionate mentor to so many, is ever present in our thoughts.

We have at hand the ability and tools to face horrific challenges and identify and embrace new insights and paths forward. By first addressing our own wounds and blockages, we are able to create new blueprints for health and well-being that expand our true potential to be of service to our community and the Earth itself. The Arctic and Antarctic have much to teach us.

As we traveled in Greenland, we were prevented from getting into Scoresby Sound which was a huge disappointment as this is the largest fjord system in the world. This is the direct result of ancient sea ice coming down from the melting glaciers blocking passage into the fjord system. We also witnessed melting glaciers, warming sea temperatures, extensive fog, and toxic algae bloom. Scientific American, looking at the data from the World meteorological Organization (WMO), the EU funded Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) and Leipzig University cites, that July 2023, is likely to be the hottest month ever recorded on Earth. Preliminary analysis demonstrates it was likely the hottest in about 120,000 years, by a very wide margin.

The story from Antarctica, where it is winter, is even more bleak. Some scientists believe that the West Antarctica ice sheet may have entered a stage of unstoppable disintegration. This is of particular concern as it is the second year in a row that Antarctic Sea ice has declined in winter. This year the sea ice is almost half a million square miles smaller, with sea surface temperatures also breaking records.

The Inuit believe the world was divided into two parts, the visible world Sila, which everyone can see with their own eyes and the invisible world Sipal Aappaa (the other world) which only Shaman with clear sight and inner light are able to see. The two worlds interconnect. Other world is inhabited by human souls, other spirits and living creatures. Sila has several meanings including weather, world, clear consciousness, sense, and mind. If our Sila is damaged illness or loss of balance may occur. This is why it is so important for humans to adhere to rules, honor taboos, and maintain balance in the world. In these times, when the world is so out of balance the shaman must travel to other world and consult Sassuma Amaa, the Mother of the Sea. In Greenlandic Myth, she is mother to all sea animals and sea birds. Similar to other myths throughout the Arctic if humans break existing norms or wrongs are done against nature she withholds. Her hair becomes clogged with dirt, and there will be no food to hunt. It is the task of the shaman to clean her head and hair as an act of purification. This frees the animals so that they may be hunted. It is also a part of the process to reclaim balance in a world radically out of balance.

In our conversations with Inuit guides, we learned Greenland has imposed a strict quota system for hunting of seals and polar bears. Knowledge of the toxicity of the polar bear means they are no longer eaten. But all parts of the seal are used, and it is an important part of the diet and used in the creation of native dress. As with other Indigenous communities, many of the traditional values of Inuit culture are being lost, although language has been preserved. One guide expressed extreme gratitude for a growing interest in Greenland by tourists as it has helped them to remember, reexamine and reclaim cultural traditions. Concern about the oceans and the environment are ever present in a country dependent on the sea for its continued existence.

The watery surface of Earth, which is about 70% ocean, absorbs more than 90 percent of the heat generated by human activities such as deforestation and the continued burning of fossil fuels. Oceans also play an important role in climate regulations. They soak up heat, drive weather patterns, and capture carbon. They also provide respite as cool air blowing off the sea can make hot temperatures on land tolerable, as the oceans heat this benefit is lost. Warm waters also have less ability to absorb carbon dioxide, which means there will be more greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

Warming oceans also contribute to ice melt, which we witnessed first-hand. This results in sea level rise impacts to coastal communities and wildlife everywhere. But this is not the only issue, as we witness droughts, floods and wildfires becoming more frequent and extreme. In the last few days here in Northern New Mexico three fires caused by lightning strikes occurred. Red Flag warnings have been issued. The devastating fires in Maui, and the Canadian Wildfires which continue to impact all life forms and the entire planet, are incredibly sad examples of what we witness daily.

How Do We Tackle Radical Changes?
There are no easy answers, but we encourage you to think about ways that you might become Earth Stewards. It begins by finding a new level of equilibrium with a focus on personal healing, so that we can direct healing to the Earth itself. This brought us to the idea of working with Middle Chiron Unison Tuning Forks (a product we are now offering). The Middle Chiron symbolizes Chiron’s time on Earth and his important role as a teacher, healer, mentor, and Earth Steward. In Greek the word chiron relates to the word cheir which means hand. It is Chiron who reminds us of the importance of engaging in work with our hands. All hands-on deck is a necessity. Whether it is hands on healing, enriching the soil, planting new seeds, tilling, and toiling with hands and hearts fully engaged, Chiron teaches us to identify opposing forces or influences, to balance head and heart and identify how to best be of service.

Chiron also reminds us to harness what we have at hand and geography allows, whether you are in the country, an urban environment, or a harsh climate. In our travels in Iceland, we visited several geothermal farms. These farms harness vulcanism to grow vegetables, trees, and flowers. Despite the harsh and challenging conditions, everything we tasted was rich in flavor and nutrients. We observed the use of modern technology, innovative techniques, and the best that vulcanism has to offer a farmer. We also observed geothermal steam being used to bake dense flavorful black bread.

The Chiron Unison reinforces access to these rich earthly representations of Chiron and our own roles as Earth Stewards. It supports our efforts to clear past life blockages, let go of despair, and envision a way forward to do the hard work that these times demand.

The Chiron Unison will support the release of deeply buried wounds and expand our present state of awareness of self, community, and the planet to find a new state of equilibrium and growth. Chiron Unison also helps design new matrixes of sustenance here on the Earthly plane. A potent reminder that we are ready and able to create innovative blueprints to heal, grow and expand potential and destiny. As you work with Chiron Unison, consider how you might integrate other Acutonics tools particularly Ohm, the Chiron Octaves, Hygeia, and Sedna.

Treat yourself with the intention of directing healing outward to all the Earth’s waters and remember that sound travels four times faster in water than in air. Direct healing to the lungs of the Earth and to all creatures. Remember that intention is a huge dimension, whether you use the tools over a map or globe and direct the sound outward or treat yourself with the clear vision of sending healing of deep wounds to all life forms, and the planet itself.

Let us each identify ways in which we can embrace and practice Earth Stewardship.

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