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Cultivation of an Abundant Compassionate Heart

1 Jul, 2018
Cultivation of an Abundant Compassionate Heart

Ellen F. Franklin, PhD

Theologian Mathew Fox writes that generosity is about giving from one’s abundance, from the depths of our heart and soul without a sought-after guaranteed return. When we recognize the unique gifts that each living organism brings forth and share our divine spark openly without demands, this is true abundance, generosity with authentic divinity. This serves as a potent reminder in times that are rife with corruption, greed, racism and lack of compassion. To bear witness and give voice, speak out and take action with an open compassionate heart is how we can stand up and make a difference. The goal — hold to center, live without blinders and find your path to live from a heart-based reality. A reality that honors the unique gifts of every living organism and every individual on our living planet Earth. Even when we reach the threshold of exhaustion and feel that there is nothing left to give, there is always more.

In July we are touched by the energy of both the Moon and the Sun. Representing a perfect balance between yin and yang, male and female, fire and water, coherence and wholeness. A true alchemical process of balancing opposing forces richly represented through their archetypal qualities and rich correspondences.

Alchemical thought has influenced chemistry, medicine, philosophy, psychology and the arts whether it was approached from the idea that any metal could be transformed into gold or that the philosophers stone or meteria prima was able to cure illness and extend life. The Rosarium Philosophorum published in 1550 attributed to an unknown German alchemist is considered to be one of the most important texts of European alchemy. It is quoted extensively in later alchemical writings and was explored extensively and often quoted by Jung.

What brings it to mind is the rich illustrations that represent the marriage of the Sun and Moon a true union of opposite that took root in Jung’s theories on the coniunctio the integration or bringing together of polarized opposites that cause conflict. This synthesis transcends the tensions inherent in life and leads to true spiritual and moral transformation. In the illustrations from the Rosarium the King and Queen are used to personify the solar and lunar forces, darkness and light and the potential of taking the most negative aspects of life and shifting these disruptions and limiting patterns into something entirely new resulting in growth and genuine transformation.

In these challenging times invite the energy of the Sun and Moon into your hearts to promote balance, a feeling of joy, love and abundance with ample emotional support to provide nourishment and shift the limiting cycles of daily life.

Life at the Mothership

Early morning means a visit to the growing dome to check in and see what is needed – watering, weeding, picking cucumbers, dealing with the white flies. Our mammoth fig tree heavily laden with fruit, was severely traumatized when we moved it about six inches (it was pushing into the thermal mass pool). Unfortunately, its root system was disturbed and its very, very unhappy. We’ve been treating it with sound and sugar water and I’ve been talking to it every day to soothe and encourage its recovery. We have our first tomatoes although they are still green and not ready for picking.

The flowers are in full bloom throughout the property, there is an abundance of birdlife from the song birds that sat just outside our teaching space during classes to the hummingbirds finding nectar in the flowers. The outside gardens are producing kale, chard, radishes, parsley and cilantro. We will soon have garlic scapes to pick as well. Squash, melons, peas, beans, potatoes and onions are growing well; and the corn will definitely be knee high by the 4th of July. It appears that a rabbit has been feasting on our lettuce and some enhancements to the gardens gates will need to be made. The outside gardens look great thanks to the efforts of Amanda Simon from the UK and Anne Halloran from Colorado who both put in time while they were here for classes. Amanda loved coming back in the evening to work in the gardens until the planets appeared in our expansive night sky.

The Fire Element an embodiment of full yang energy is very present here in New Mexico. When this element is out of balance it is like a burnt forest, or the smell of smoke permeates the air. Some evenings the clouds are plumed with smoke from nearby fires. Unfortunately, this is our present reality as we experience extreme heat, temperatures twenty degrees above normal, and a new fire less that twenty miles from us in a canyon between Pot Creek and Sipipu. They’ve closed the Carsen National Forest that our property abuts as well as most public land throughout the state. We continue to experience drought conditions, and high winds a really dangerous combination — please send rain our way. We pray for an early monsoon season.

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