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Calling our Hearts Home – Self-Care a Priority in 2019

1 Feb, 2019
Calling our Hearts Home – Self-Care a Priority in 2019

Ellen F. Franklin, PhD & Donna Carey, LAc

In the last few weeks we’ve had many conversations with people about how challenging 2018 was and how a perceptible shift is in the air. February 5th heralds the Chinese New Year, the arrival of the Earth pig, the twelfth sign in the Chinese zodiac. It is a symbol of wealth and good fortune especially since the pig attracts success in all aspects of life. Pig embodies the archetype of lover of life – exploring, traveling, and finding joy and beauty in the moment. Pig also invites generosity of spirit and kindness and reminds us of the critical importance of caring for others and oneself. Finding time to relax, enjoy life and be present for family, friends and the broader community. Earth Pig years are the perfect opportunity to accomplish the transformation of our dreams into reality as it is a time of exceptional opportunity. A time to call our hearts home, or as Mencius wrote:

“Sad it is indeed when a person gives up the right road instead of following it and allows their heart-mind to stray without enough sense to go after it. When one’s chickens and dogs stray, one has sense enough to go after them, but not when one’s heart strays.”

Calling our heart back home begins by taking advantage of the opportunities before us; it requires that we stop to take care of ourselves. Have you found the time to get out into the natural world to enjoy the bounty and sense of renewal that nature imparts? As practitioners, when did you last receive an Acutonics treatment? While it is not easy to eradicate the conditions that cause stress in our lives we can take time to examine where we find consonance or harmony and what evokes dissonance or discord. Have we lost a part of ourselves, is sorrow or anxiety something you’ve come to simply accept and live with? Take stock, reflect, breathe. Amidst the intense challenges of our times lets call our hearts home, foster a return to center to Wu Qi honoring our relationship with our self and the great relationship with the natural world and the cosmos.

Our heart holds the key to memory. It is the seat of our emotions and experiences. The heart is the mixer, mixer of wounds, pain and joy. It uses the will of the Kidneys informed from the brain to integrate wisdom, dreams and archetypal impressions. It helps us to make sense of loss and birth, sorrow and happiness, male and female all of the disparate parts of our lives. The heart has a big job, but it receives support from the Kidney our strong will. When it connects with higher will, the heart is able to express its divine mission, its true song. This is the song of balance and harmony, peace and non-duality inviting reconnection with our true nature, our true spirit.

The Three Treasures are the embodiment of mind-body-spirit medicine, representing a triplex unity between heaven, earth and humanity. Rebuilding these powerful access points help us to reduce stress and they invite us to experience what the heart yearns for a true return to center, a feeling of great promise and potential, home and hope. These powerful points provide a powerful remembrance of how it feels to live in balance, health and harmony offering both physiological and psychological coherence.

When we work with The Three Treasures we are engaging the central nervous system and our psycho-energetic core as well as the Central Channel, which runs between the microcosmic orbit to unify yin and yang. The three powerful points on the body are DU 20, Gate of the Ancestors, REN 17, Original Child, Center of Our Inner Storehouse of Light and REN 4, Origins Pass or Gateway of Origin.

Consider adding the three points that are known collectively as Buddha’s Triangle, which include P 6, Inner Pass which helps us to connect to our inner essence so that we can call our hearts back from the disturbances in the outer world. HT 7, Spirit Gate the source point of the heart helps to embody our higher self and LU 9, Great Abyss the source point and Earth point of the Lung allows us access to both the depth and breath of our inner and outer resources so that we are able to assimilate new experiences and connect to the perennials steams of wisdom that renew us.  Of course remember to begin and end your treatment with Ohm on KID 1.

The beauty of this medicine is there are many ways to access these points including simply working with Ohm Unison or Mars/Venus or integrating the Acutonics Gem Tips.

Rose Quartz promotes heart healing on all levels, reinforces self-love, facilitates healing through self-worth, quells fear and soothes grief. It also opens the heart chakra to promote peace, happiness and unconditional love.

Jade opens and heals the heart, soothes emotional distress and fosters love while also assisting in the spiritual journey and in uncovering the mysteries contained in our hearts.

Red Garnet opens the root chakra, warms, grounds and facilitate movement of Earth energy into the body. It is regenerative, purifying and protective a stone that supports our journey to health.

If you don’t have someone close who can treat you, then please remember how incredibly effective self-care with Acutonics can be. Judy Bernard has been contributing great self-care tips to every newsletter which are archived on the website – if you’ve not had the chance to work with them I encourage you to do so.

May you step fully into 2019 with an open heart embracing the wisdom of the Pig.