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A Vision of Hope: Acutonics Celebrates 20th Birthday March 17, 2017

1 Mar, 2017
A Vision of Hope: Acutonics Celebrates  20th Birthday March 17, 2017

Ellen F. Franklin, PhD

March 17 is the 20th anniversary of the founding of our company in Seattle, WA. Birthdays for me are a time of reflection as I look back at where we’ve been and set intentions for the future. This year I’ve had the help of more than thirty people who have taken the time to share their reflections on how Acutonics has impacted their lives, work, health, family and communities. All of these essays along with a lengthy interview of Donna and I will be featured in the Spring/Wood Issue of East Asian Medicine Journal, which will be published toward the end of April. If you would like to preorder a copy of this beautiful publication please email Reading these essays has rekindled my passion and belief that we all make a difference as we provide hope to others in times of chaos, fear, pain and trauma and that our vision of being guided through love and compassion resonates throughout our community, impacting people around the globe. I want to share just a few quotes that stand as a tribute to the power of Acutonics as we step into our 21st year.

I will never forget that from my very first training Donna offered a new vision a worldview seen through the lens of sound vibration manifested in hope, spirituality in Action. At the end of that first training I was in awe of the changes that were happening within me and I could feel the shift, I could feel the Hope. That was so much more than what I had bargained for when I signed up for yet another workshop that gives you CEUs! – Dr. Alicia Villamarin

Through the engagement with learning with Acutonics, so many other learning dimensions have been opened, reinforced, activated and enlivened that I regularly experience amazement, appreciation and wonder. – Alanda Greene, Kootenay Bay, BC

As soon as I incorporated the tuning forks into my private practice, clinical results shifted immediately.  Stubborn patterns became more pliable, chronic tension liberated sequestered energy, anxieties gave way to stamina, autoimmune diseases went dormant and disenfranchisement turned to hope.  I was in awe.  – Dr. C. Birch Storey

Acutonics changed my life. My family, my community and my own health have benefited and will continue to benefit from this gift of sound. – Maren Good, MA, LMT

Acutonics has made a practitioner and a teacher out of me, it opened the door. It provided a rigorous scholarly framework for my overactive brain to hang on to, and helped to cultivate the depth of spirit to meet a client (whether human or equine) in that place where the spark within us is the same. – Joanie Solaini, Wiltshire, UK

As a practitioner, Acutonics has allowed me to truly address the needs of those individuals who suffer from chronic pain and have lost hope, as chronic pain often becomes an enemy to the mind and spirit… The tuning forks change all of this… – Judy Bernard, Nashville, TN

Illuminating the bridge from macrocosm to microcosm, that ability to see and investigate our own inner and outer workings in a clear and scientific way, is the most valuable tool that I have acquired through studying Acutonics. – John Rosan, Lakewood, CO

One of the patterns in the (Acutonics) natal chart is a kite. Here the well-crafted tools of healing are moved into the world through individual belief and dreams about how they will bring about change and extensive opportunities, with the ability for everyone to enjoy the social atmosphere. There will be a real love of expressing the compassionate potential of the work, and the work itself will bring a shining light to the world, in a dynamic well-structured and easily communicated way. – Debra Kaatz, from the Natal Chart, Transits and Solar Return for Acutonics, Cornwall, UK

The March Acutonics newsletter is filled with treatment protocols designed to address the trauma, fear and chaos that many our experiencing during this unsettled time. Katie Mink of West Coast Acutonics has offered a protocol for courage and compassion. Paul and Jude Ponton have shared a treatment approach designed to address the current climate of uncertainty, rebuild trust, and be open to the flow of the Universe for inspiration and movement beyond the experience of outer reality. Lynn Wedekind has provided our March astrological forecast which is filled with treatment ideas to address this months astrological themes. In reviewing upcoming classes I am pleased to report that Paul and Jude Ponton are offering the elective Small Animal Acutonics April 8-10, in Seattle and Patty Warren will be teaching Equine Acutonics June 2-4, in Moorpark, CA. If you have been waiting to complete your elective requirements these are two great opportunities to learn Acutonics techniques to support our companion animals. For those of you looking to deepen your understanding of the psycho-spiritual use of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels I hope you'll consider joining me for a one-day workshop in San Antonio, TX on May 18 at the 19th International Energy Psychology Conference, 6 continuing education credits are offered. More information is provided below.

Winter is hanging on here at the Mothership with high winds, snow and cold, but this is New Mexico and Spring is just around the corner. We look forward to seeing many of you at the Mothership this summer.