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A Dream of Holism

19 Nov, 2020
A Dream of Holism

In his book, The Soul of America: The Battle for our Better Angels, historian Jon Meacham writes, “History… is not a fairy tale. It is more often tragic than comic, full of broken hearts and promises, disappointed hopes and dreams delayed. But progress is possible. Hope is sustaining. Fear can be overcome…we have endured moments of madness and of injustice, giving the better angels of which Lincoln spoke on the eve of the Civil War a chance to prevail – and how we can again.”

As the holiday season approaches I am struck by the call to identify and stand with our better angels and that this is a step toward well-being and holism, where broken hearts can be mended, fears are overcome, and hopes and dreams fulfilled.

Living with political divisiveness and a pandemic that is out of control, our ability to hold to center and be open to the light and infinite potential within us is not an easy task. Yet, there is a sense of promise and opportunity in the air despite the ongoing fight to discredit the election results, and the medias tendency to stress that we are a deeply divided country, while often neglecting to cite how many efforts were made to suppress the vote, or the fact that the president elect has a greater number of votes than any previously elected president, and that voter turnout, regardless of party affiliation was at an all-time high, which is extraordinary. Change comes by exercising our right to vote, speaking up and engaging in due process. Whatever beliefs you hold regarding the political process, regardless of country, disappointed hopes or dreams delayed, we have an opportunity to begin again, to repair the broken sequences in our lives and to move forward with a newfound grace with our better angels.

What does well-being and holism look like? How might we engage in Tikkun Olam, a Jewish concept defined by acts of kindness, social action, and social justice with a vision for repairing the world. Not only do we have a responsibility to work toward our own health and well-being, but we are being called to engage in active measures to assist others to improve things for future generations, although at times the obstacles may seem insurmountable. A recent news broadcast shared the perspective of a nurse on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic, who expressed the deep sense of things being broken, the overwhelming sense of loss and yet continuing anew each day. It was a moving testament to the reality of our times, which prompted Donna and I to engage in a deep conversation about the broken sequences in all of our lives, coupled with a sense of deep loss and for many underlying depression, anxiety, and hopelessness. It is so apparent that we must take action to structure a new foundation that is solid and sustainable, that true healing comes from a place of aligning with our inner being and the energy of the Universe, finding our best selves, our true angels.

As we look out at the greater world everything might appear to be broken, friends, family, ourselves, nature, and so many systems that we rely on – economic, financial and social as well as the incredible stress to our beloved home planet Earth. Everything appears so toxic and bi-polar, with cycles of deep wounding. In Sedna classes we explore this concept of deep wounding and examine ways to break the larger cycles that keep repeating again and again. How might we as a community during this holiday season focus our energy toward making a change to the greater matrix, enlisting the aid of our better angels to create the transformations we wish to see.

In our recent series of classes offered on Zoom, Harmonic Pathology, Case Studies and Ethics in Clinical Practice, we identified specific patterns that we wanted to work on and directed healing to ourselves, through guided self-care, and then to the greater world by directing it outward. Even if you are unable to see clients at this time this is still something positive that you can do. In our most recent class, we focused on repairing the broken sequences for ourselves, the front-line workers in this pandemic and the planet. This was a powerful group effort and it may be a treatment that you wish to use as you navigate this holiday season.

The treatment incorporates the use of Hygiea the newest member of our celestial family. Hygiea brings teachings and gifts of prevention, sanitation and purification. The ability to dream a word of holism with expanded consciousness and to better serve the needs of our social, medical, political, and educational systems. She helps us to sanitize and filter out the false intentions of ego and to uphold to higher laws of hygiene. Hygiea guides us to a deeper understanding that we must do more than prevent pathology, we must attend to our minds, bodies, emotions, and spirit to bring forth balance and health for ourselves and our planet, so that we are able to dream new dreams of integration, synthesis, and balance. Hygeia works in concert with the other planets to cleanse and aid the energies that she links with and to express a truer, stronger, cleaner form so that wholeness can be restored.

The treatment also brings in the energies of Sedna, Chiron, Nibiru and Venus. Sedna who is non-dual, guards the poles and polarity, she helps us to live a full and rich life. Chiron is the wound, the inception point of the struggle the deep wounding that every frontline health care provider and first responder is experiencing at this unprecedented time. With the help of Chiron, we are able to meet the wound and be open to change and transformation. Nibiru teaches us how much power we have to change the underlying patterns and programs that guide our actions. Venus teaches us how to employ grace and beauty even during the most challenging times. Whether you have tuning forks, chimes or simply use your intentions the treatment provided below should first be used to work on personal self-care, it can then be directed outward to the greater world and all that is in need of repair.

Ground with Ohm Unison or Ohm Octave on KID 1
Ren Mai, Conception Vessel: Open on LU 7, Broken Sequence, Balance with KID 6, Shining Sea
Apply: Middle intervals of Sedna/Chiron, Sedna/Venus, Sedna/Nibiru, Sedna/Hygeia
Yin Wei Mai, Yin Linking Vessel: Open on P 6, Inner Gate, Balance on SP 4, Grandparent’s/Grandchild
Apply: New Moon 5th, Sedna/NM. Nibiru/Venus, Hygeia High 3/Vesta
To find our higher blueprint and express it out into the world where it is most needed, work with the Three Treasures. Use the Chiron Octave and begin with DU 20, Hundred Convergences, root it with REN 4, Origin Pass, and bring it into the heart with Ren 17, Original Child.
Now direct your energy to washing the planet with Middle Sedna/Hygeia and bring your mental awareness to healing the wounds to the planet.
Conclude by Grounding on KID 1, with Ohm Octave or Sedna Octave.

May we all align with our better angels this holiday season and throughout the coming year, filled with renewed opportunities for a greater, more sustainable, hope-filled and joyous future in which our dreams for holism are answered.

Thank you to each one of you for enriching our lives during this challenging and unprecedented time. We wish you peace, good health, harmony, love and laughter. 

Ellen, Donna & Sande