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Year of the Green Wood Dragon: Renewal & Regeneration

9 Feb, 2024
Year of the Green Wood Dragon: Renewal & Regeneration

Ellen F. Franklin, PhD

On February 10, 2024, we welcomed the Lunar New Year and the Green Wood Dragon. This is one of the most powerful symbols in Asian astrology symbolizing strength, energy, restoration, regeneration, resilience, and stability. A harbinger of abundant new life and growth. 

The Green Dragon also embodies the Wood Element and the process of becoming. Wood provides the energy for germination, creativity, imagination, passion, and hope. It propels us forward to manifest our authentic nature and destiny. Serving as a potent reminder that when you move in the right direction, in genuine alignment with your true purpose it is possible to achieve your goals and dreams. Despite its fierce appearance the Dragon is also a symbol of joy and happiness.

It is said in spring the green dragon of the east blows the eight winds into the earth and brings forth a thousand flowers. Spring is full of vibrant impulses, such as the movements of the eight winds, the upward growth of plants, the birth of animals…Suddenly the world is alive and full of movement. The impulse to move into action best describes the energy of spring. It is as unstoppable as the days lengthen with warmth and sunshine. Each seed grows into its own exact shape or form. The master plan of its creation is put into action with hundreds of detailed decisions and adjustments… Spring is an expression of new life and hope. — Debra Kaatz, Character of Wisdom

In Five Element Theory Wood relates to the Liver and is paired with the Gallbladder.

The Liver viewed as the architect leads, developing strategies, and initiating the distribution of resources so that everything operates smoothly. It is the Gallbladder that then carries the plans of the Liver into action, with clear and wise decisions. Vision might be considered the primary mission of the Liver.

As we welcome spring, and all it represents it, is an opportune time to move forward with Acutonics, enacting plans that have been in strategic development for the past year.

Nolan Bade and Pedro Vidal joined the Acutonics family in 2023 and have been making many valuable contributions, working remotely from Tucson. We are excited to announce that Acutonics® Operations is moving to newly leased office space in Tucson, Arizona. Nolan Bade will oversee all product fulfillment from this new location. 

The official move of inventory is scheduled for February 27-28. After this date all order fulfillments will come from Tucson, AZ, with the exception of the gongs, which we will still handle from New Mexico.

Tucson Office Location:

New Physical Address: 3955 E Speedway Blvd. Suite: 105, Tucson, Arizona 85712

Phone: 520-771-8367

New Shipping Address: 2900 E Broadway Blvd, Suite 100, #222, Tucson, AZ 85716

Nolan writes: “My partner Pedro Vidal and I are extremely excited to soon be overseeing Acutonics® Operations from vibrant and sun-kissed Tucson, Arizona! The Acutonics commitment to providing exceptional education, tools, self-care, and support for sound healing practices remains unwavering. It’s with eager anticipation that we are moving fulfillment services from Llano to Tucson, and it will be a pleasure working daily with all the individuals that make up the exceptional sound wellness community, together taking things to the next level.” 

While we continue to be involved in day-to-day activities of Acutonics, including oversight, marketing, teaching, curriculum development, and writing, Donna and I have several exciting research trips planned for 2024 and 2025 and we are working on a few book ideas.

Sande, after almost twenty years of dedicated service is retiring. Although we plan to engage her exceptional design skills. Please join us in giving Sande a warm, loving and well deserved thank you as she eases into retirement.

We are excited about the great opportunities for all of us as our nephews Nolan and Pedro bring many talents, organizational skills, and creative spirit to the business.

To read more about the Dragon you might be interested in this post Donna wrote in 2020. She identifies dragons as the Guardian of the Three Treasures and the protectors of physical space. They are the genuine unifiers of the inter-connected realms of Heaven, Earth, and Humanity. Their powerful protective energy also has the potential to aid in creating an energetic shield between you and the electromagnetic realms.