Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

Blog posts for October, 2023

Soundings for Peace

27 Oct, 2023

Archetypes and synchronicity play a huge role in the development of the Acutonics System.  Significantly through sound vibration, not just any sound, the sounds of the cosmos, heavenly harmonies, or music of the spheres we touch something that is literally collective and universal. This world of symbols and images of the collective unconscious connects with the rhythms of the whole universe and the generative power of all that is matter and mind and heart and spirit. When destructive narratives and patterns overtake us, it is of vital importance that we acknowledge what is in the collective, conscious, or unconscious, and through the power of our clear intentions, and proper use of the sound tools we have at hand, do everything in our power to promote a cycle of harmony and health.

The Eternal Return

27 Oct, 2023

Ellen and I have just returned from a month’s long journey and exploration that took us to Italy, Sicily, Spain, and France. We explored hundreds of miles of archeological, geological, and theological splendors and ruins. From underground caves to vertical and sinking cities, stressed climates, Megalithic haunts, and Neolithic nuances, to the strange DNA of the Basque and Catalonian treasures. We saw fracture zones of volcanism bearing lush landscapes, the otherworldly landscapes of Mount Aetna, and the massive underground temple of the Hypogeum in Malta, as well as other sights that predate the temples of Ancient Egypt. Roman ruins abound everywhere. A truly haunting sense of the layering of civilizations, one built on top of the other. Great civilizations destroyed and rebuilt, power centers relocated, cathedrals constructed on top of Byzantine brilliance, wars upon wars, and the overwhelming sense of being locked within an eternal return.