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Blog posts for September, 2021

Late Summer the Earth Element: Finding Our Song

2 Sep, 2021

In the late summer, Music from Angel Fire an annual chamber music festival, celebrating its 37th season, brings young musicians, contemporary classical composers, and so much more to Northern New Mexico. Donna, Sande, and I attended two concerts this season and were fortunate to hear young artists from the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia, Juilliard School of Music in New York and the Colburn School in Los Angeles as well as accomplished professionals who love returning to Northern New Mexico each year. This year, Andi Akiho on steel drum and Ian Rosenbaum on marimba, played two pieces from Synesthesia, Purple and Red, composed by Akiho, these compositions brought forth extraordinary sounds, evoking the natural world and all its beauty. Deeply healing, the spirits of every masked attendee in the audience, were lifted.