Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

Blog posts for November, 2019

Unwinding Trauma – A Journey to Renewed Hope

6 Nov, 2019

As I sit down to write this month’s blog post I have just returned from England where I offered a new elective to the students of senior faculty member Joanie Solaini, entitled Unwinding Trauma with Acutonics®, the Eight Extraordinary Vessels and Fibonacci. In the course of my research and exploration while developing this class I decided to revisit how we work with the vibratory energy of Fibonacci. The numbers in the Fibonacci sequence increase in size only as a result of building on numbers that already exist in the series. Additional numbers come from self-generation, growing from within by a process of self-accumulation. Tracing its roots back to 0 – each step can claim an inheritance from zero – from Wu Qi. You might consider that Fibonacci provides us with access to the infinite potential contained within us – that we each have the capacity to unwind the trauma that limits our growth and potential to expand into rich areas of our lives. Although Fibonacci never quite gets to the Golden Ratio it comes so very close – and it aids us in gaining access to our true essence and transcendent nature.