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Blog posts for October, 2019

Consciousness and Landscapes Shifting - October 2019 Blog Post

2 Oct, 2019

Clouds move on, never standing still, rocks shift and change with light and natures force, all speak to impermanence. At a time when we planned to offer a new class which we cancelled, Donna and I journeyed to Chaco with Senior Licensed Acutonics faculty member, long-time advisor and friend, Joanie Solaini. Chaco is in a remote corner of Northwestern New Mexico, accessed by a twelve mile dirt washboard road, requiring that you also cross through a wash. Created as a National Monument in 1907, it was named Chaco Culture National Historic Park in 1980 and in 1987 was named a World Heritage site. Rain had been falling off and on during the day and we were not sure we would make it through the wash, but we persevered. Although the clay soil was very slick in places and felt like we were driving on ice, the wash had not yet filled. Four nights of tent camping, long hikes and a total separation from technology provided a genuine opportunity to reflect and reset. You have to plan and expect the unexpected to camp in Chaco as there is no lodging, food, gasoline or repair services in the park. Fortunately, potable water and ice are now available.