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Blog posts for September, 2017

Daily Creative Practice as a Gateway to Unity

1 Sep, 2017

This past month at the Mothership we have been engaged in a variety of creative pursuits, from making art to trying out inventive new recipes with some of our abundant fresh produce. I’ve hammered steel to create sound sculptures, and Donna, Joanie Solaini and Max have been welding metal bars together and cutting steel for a new art installation that will represent Hexagram 8 of the I-Ching: Bi, to unite or hold together with our own inner truth, unity, union, community, intimacy and closeness. This hexagram also relates to uniting the disparate parts within us. Bi is an expression of community and the bond between people. In this hexagram, we have Water above and Earth Below, envision the way in which water nourishes the Earth and the Earth provides sustenance. This is also a reminder of the importance of loving and caring in any union. In our lives, nothing is more destructive than successive conflict and more auspicious than building harmonious relationships between people, recognizing that we are all one.