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Blog posts for August, 2017

Living with an Aligned Heart – Celebrate the Sun

1 Aug, 2017

On July 23rd we entered into the sign of Leo, which is ruled by the Sun. The Sun is the heart of the solar system a guardian of the gateway to other worlds generating warmth and providing energy for us and for all growing things. The Sun is both our wake-up call and our benefactor, looking over us with fatherly protection, unconditional love and generosity. Theologian Matthew Fox writing about generosity reminds us that true generosity is when we give from the very depths of our heart and soul, without a sought-after or guaranteed return. When we are able to recognize the unique gifts that each living organism brings forth and to openly share our divine spark without demands, this is true abundance, generosity endowed with true divinity. How blessed we are to reside in a vast, magnificently beautiful, and infinitely generous universe that demonstrates myriad levels of interconnectivity.