Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

Blog posts for July, 2017

Collaboration, Nurturance and Community

1 Jul, 2017

The theme for this months’ newsletter shines brightly as I reflect on the Acutonics® community, this months contributions, and the world at large. On June 22nd at the time of the summer solstice we entered into the sign of Cancer ruled by the Moon. The Moon guides our journey as we work to embody the best characteristics of the ancient healers, the purity of the stream, the sacredness of the healing experience, and the critical importance of being connected to the cycles of life and the natural world. While many of us and those we serve are struggling with heightened anxiety, a loss of hope, and genuine concerns about the environment and survival just stop for a moment and reflect on the huge accomplishments occurring through the efforts of people who are unwilling to accept the status quo. In his book Blessed Unrest  (published in 2007) Paul Hawken wrote about the largely untold story of the millions of people around the world who through imagination, the courage of their convictions, and resilience, are engaged in work to redefine their relationships to one another and to the environment. Ten years later, these issues are still front and center, but grassroots movements continue to grow working to address deep global issues of health, social justice, and planetary healing.