Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

Blog posts for April, 2017

Gratitude and Grace - Honoring the Earth

1 Apr, 2017

On March 17th we had the pleasure of celebrating the 20th Birthday of Acutonics as well as St. Patrick’s Day. Donna prepared a fabulous lunch. Shealan Anderson (who was here with us as a student intern) Sande McDaniel, Alicia Villamarin and Donna and I stopped to enjoy the warm sunny afternoon and shared a picnic lunch on the deck. Looking out over the snow-capped mountains, there were so many memories of past gatherings here on the land, laughter and sorrow, gratitude and so much grace. Whether you have been a part of Acutonics since its founding twenty years ago, or are a relatively new student, teacher or practitioner, what shines through daily is your dedication to making a difference for the planet. You are not just focused on the delivery of integrative health care but genuinely committed to supporting body, mind and spirit with grace as you foster hope, peace, light and harmony within your own communities. Thank you.