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Blog posts for July, 2016

An Interview with Erin Taylor: Energy Facilitator and Acutonics Practitioner

25 Jul, 2016

Erin Taylor grew up around music. Her mother played the piano. Her sister grew up to compose classical music. And Taylor played music by ear and sang. Though she didn’t just sing—a friend of the family was a music producer, and he’d sometimes record Taylor and her brother and sister. She’s been immersed in sound, then, for as far back as she can remember. So of course Acutonics would find her.

Eeka King: Bringing Acutonics to Australia

21 Jul, 2016

Eeka King, who practices Acutonics down in Brunswick Heads, Australia, came to Acutonics through chanting. “Several years ago, I’d started to experience benefits in my life from chanting certain sounds,” explains King, who’d just completed another week of teacher training with Ellen Franklin and Donna Carey.