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Acutonics Ohm Unison®


The Ohm tone represents the Earth traveling around the Sun through the four seasons in its 365-day yearly orbit as calculated by Johannes Kepler. This is the frequency that is replicated often in nature. Ohm’s deep grounding quality helps you to integrate the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your nature so that you can shift your energy to center to promote feelings of serenity, connection, and peace. The Earth also represents are ability to be comfortable, it is grounding and balancing providing support in times of stress, anxiety, irratability, tension, or insomnia.

Ohm Unison is an excellent tool to promote balance in the entire body. These tuning forks can be used in your yoga or meditation practice, to calm. reduce anxiety or energize yourself during the day or to listen to at night to help you sleep.

Mars and Venus

The Mars and Venus tuning forks represent the archetypal qualities and frequency of these planets, derived from their elliptical orbits as they travel around the Sun. Calculated by Johannes Kepler in the 1600’s and later converted to frequency. Their archetypal qualities are derived from the many cross-cultural myths in which they are featured. Mars represents the outward movement of life in qualities such as passion, initiative, assertion, courage, ambition, growth, endurance, impulses and aggression. Like the instruments of power and weapons that Mars symbolizes other qualities include drive, the ability to mobilize people, to succeed whatever the cost, and to start and finish things. Mars rules iron and is associated with blood, the head, muscles, inflammatory action, immune system, and male hormones. Venus represents the inward-pulling elements of life and those experiences that urge us toward inner union and togetherness with others. Qualities such as devotion, a need to be desired, balance and proportion, love and beauty, a sense of values and taste concern for justice and generosity of spirit. Venus rules copper and is associated with the kidneys, bladder, parathyroid, glands, anti-inflammatory action, and female hormones.

Together Mars (the red fork) and Venus (the pink fork) have come to represent the symbol for male and female; they create a musical 5th a powerful opening to explore and understand opposing yet complementary forces within us. Action oriented, passionate and instinctual Mars is tempered with the soothing, harmonious and refined energy of Venus. Used together they create a harmonious relationship with an opening quality that manifests potential.

Solar 7th

The Low Ohm Fork, the long fork with the gold resonator feet is the grounding source for the Sun Fork. Its earthly energy helps to bring you out of your head and into your body with a sense of enhanced presence so that you are able to stand more firmly on Earth. As your nervous system relaxes, you feel more balanced and centered. The fork is highly effective for hyper conditions such as insomnia, irritability, and restlessness. It is also used in conjunction with the Middle Ohm Tuning Fork to create the Ohm Octave that is deeply grounding. The Sun Fork is sunflower yellow and represents the powerful, warming, strong yang energy of the Sun. The Sun Fork is used for disorders of the heart and circulatory system, imbalances of the thymus gland, weakness of the spine and back, low self-worth, depression, seasonal affective disorder, immune system deficiency, cold conditions, yang deficiency, lack of energy and vitality and arthritis that benefits from warming.

The combination of the Low Ohm Fork and the Sun Fork creates the Solar 7th interval. This healing interval represents the cycles of light and renewal as vitality increases you feel warmed and supported in the journey toward a more balanced sense of health and holism. You are able to receive the powerful, warming, and strongly tonifying energy which supports your urge to be creative, to deepen you self-identity, improve vitality, individuality and essence, and boost your immune function. The Solar 7th is a powerful tool and a little goes a long way.

For more detailed information about the use and application of these tools we encourage you to consult a Certified Acutonics Practitioner and to review the case studies in our books and on this website. When undertaking an integrative approach to health and holism we suggest that you work in concert with the appropriate members of your health care team.