Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

Kim Kuhar, Associate Acutonics® Practitioner

Kim Kuhar, Associate Acutonics® Practitioner
Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico & Tucson, Arizona |

I began studying energy medicine in 2010. I was encouraged by my boss when I was a hospice volunteer. I began taking Healing Touch classes. I was certified in Healing Touch in 2013. Along the way other modalities captured my attention. I took a shallow dive in flower essences. Then TCM started to flow into my life.

I studied Aroma Acupoint off and on for several years starting in 2013. Aroma Acupoint incorporates essential oils and the application of them on acupuncture points. TCM assessment is incorporated in developing a strategy for treatment. Then sound came into the cycle of learning.

I began studying Acutonics in 2018.  In 2024 I was certified as an Associate Acutonics Practitioner. My aim is to facilitate wholeness within a person. We all suffer - sometimes immensely - creating a web of healing and support is a foundation of my healing practice. Applying healing techniques that touch the layers of person and foster rejuvenation is my focus.

I am in Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico from April to September and the Tucson, Arizona area from October to March.  I practice from my home. I can be reached at: