Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

Acutonics® Elective: Prenatal Eclipse Astrology and Acutonics®: Your Soul’s Gift and Lesson

Have you ever wondered what your life or soul’s gift and lessons are? You actually experience them every day and they are reflected in the eclipses that took place during your prenatal period.

What about those of your friends and loved ones? Why do you attract the same type of person into your life over and over? Are physical imbalances a wake-up call to express your soul’s gift or work on your lesson?

In this workshop, taught by astrologer and Acutonics Senior Faculty Teacher, Mary Burke-Kelly, you will be given the tools and the information on the soul’s gift and lesson as indicated by your prenatal eclipses. Acutonics planetary tool applications on extraordinary vessels and high profile points to assist the soul lessons are discussed. On Day 1 in practicum you will practice how to find the right eclipses for yourself and others. Day 2 practicum is planned to address what you learn on Day 1 about yourself using planetary tuning forks and extraordinary vessels.

Detailed Class Description

DAY 1:
All 12 signs of the zodiac will be covered. A list of eclipses and synopsis are provided and you will learn how to quickly identify the eclipse for yourself and others and what they mean. You leave the class with the tools to do this for others. All the documents will be on Google Classroom for you to download, save and print for future use.

Just bring your birthday (birth times /location are not needed) and the birthdays of loved ones, friends and co-workers to class. You only need the day, month and year of birth for this class.

Twelve prenatal solar eclipses and twelve lunar eclipses will be discussed, each with its corresponding soul gifts and soul lessons. The gift you have mastered and teach others just by being you. What a perspective you will have when you realize that gift and why it attracts certain people into your life. It is something you probably take for granted about yourself. Teaching the gift by negative example is also discussed.

Prenatal Eclipses also indicate those challenges you experience every day and the resulting physical wake-up calls to get on with your lesson. Acutonics planetary tools are discussed which correspond to each eclipse sign. Levels of planetary response are included for each sign of the zodiac.

DAY 2:
Discussion of extraordinary vessel applications which may correspond to your eclipse patterns. Aspects between eclipses are explained and how that reflects in the universe assisting you in your lesson. Students will have a practicum to develop an Acutonics mini-session to address your pre-natal eclipse needs.

Level I - III Tuning Forks will be needed to have full participation in the practicum. If you have advanced tools, such as Hygiea, to uplift your responses to the planetary responses, please use them in this practicum. Hygiea can be a major player to assist us in our planetary responses.

Elective Pre-requisites:

  • Acutonics Level I-III minimum or
  • Module II: Acutonics Level III completed
  • Students must own or rent Acutonics planetary tuning forks to participate in Day 2 practicum.