Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

Acutonics® Course Descriptions

Acutonics®: Harmonic Pathology, Advanced Clinical Applications

This course examines the textures of disease and the pathology of many of the most current and least understood illnesses of our time.

Acutonics®: Case Studies, Clinical Documentaries

This sound therapy class provides an in-depth opportunity to explore and synthesize case studies for a variety of complex conditions.

Acutonics®: Sound Healing Clinic Hours Fulfillment Options

One hundred (100) clinic hours are required to complete the Acutonics® Practitioner Certification Program. The following options are designed to offer flexibility while also deepening your understanding of this applied methodology. We encourage you to pursue multiple options, and to work with different senior faculty to expand your understanding of the depth of this medicine. Senior faculty can also provide mentorship and assist you in mapping out a plan to complete your clinic hours.

Acutonics®: Hygiea: Holism and Expanded Consciousness, Advanced Applications

Hygiea is the ancient Greek goddess of health and the newest member of our celestial family. Her mythic legacy dates back at least to 600 BCE, where she is associated with Athena, the goddess of purity and wisdom. Hygiea brings teachings and gifts of prevention, sanitation and purification. She invites us to expand our perceptions of holism, integration, synthesis and balance to better serve the needs of our social, medical, political, and educational systems. She helps us to sanitize and filter out false intentions of ego to redefine and uphold higher laws of hygiene.

Acutonics®: Unwinding Trauma: Acutonics®, The Eight Extraordinary Vessels and Fibonacci

The Eight Extraordinary Vessels provide a gateway to psycho-emotional health and expanded consciousness. They facilitate, link and bridge the physical, energetic and emotional structures of the body, and offer an exceptional way to address trauma. Trauma affects our lives on all levels, impacting relationships within families, work environments, ethnic groups, societies, and the natural world. Trauma is at the root of disease. Getting to the substrate of where we carry trauma, and to address and unwind it, can allow for remarkable release—revealing more of our essential nature.

Acutonics®: Thesis Development & Presentation

Working independently with a faculty mentor you will conduct research or identify a special project that explores topics associated with Acutonics® Integrative Medicine.

Acutonics® Introduction

There are a variety of courses offered to introduce you to the Acutonics® modality from basic self-care classes for you and your family to a rich one-day course designed for health care practitioners.

Acutonics® Elective: Astrology and Acutonics with William Morris

Learn how to use the astrological chart as a guide to treatment decisions for Acutonics® tuning forks. Sophisticated but easy to learn astrological techniques are explored for the purpose of selecting tuning forks for daily and evolutionary concerns. One such tool is the nodal axis of the Moon, which we use in Draconic Medicine, to treat chakras and local anatomy.

Acutonics® Elective: Astrotonics

Learn how to align with Soul’s frequency through the astrological chart. During this 3-day class, explore the energetic signatures present in the astrology chart and how to work with them using celestial frequencies and vibrational resonance. Energetically empower people to embrace the intention for their soul’s growth in the current lifetime, release debilitating patterns, accentuate strengths, and embrace the polarities that make us more whole.

Acutonics® Elective: Eight Extraordinary Vessels: Treating Shock and Trauma

This course uses Acutonics® to treat the Eight Extraordinary Vessels (8EV). The work is based on Han Dynasty methods of Chinese medicine which have historically been used for manual therapeutics, herbs and acupuncture. It is based on the book, Eight Extraordinary Vessels: Treating Shock and Trauma.

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