Sedna Planet Gong - 38”

Sedna Planet Gong - 38”
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The Sedna gong resonates at the approximate musical note of C.

Sedna Qualities: Superconductivity, resolution of opposites, blending of polarities
Sedna Therapeutics: Used to treat spinal problems; addresses issues of betrayal, helps us to adjust ot paradigm shifts and changing cycles of nature and time, heals dismemberment - physical or psychological
Sedna in Ceremony: Used in Earth and Water healing to stabilize pole shifts, gives access to Akashic records

Sedna is our newest planet, and her discovery rests upon the acceptance of things formerly believed to be unacceptable or taboo in our lives. Her archetypal authority is deeply feminine, resting in the oceanic waters of birth and the sonorous depths of the unconscious. As a sound bath, the Sedna gong brings us faith in the power of life to persevere through cataclysmic change. In order to find balance in an environment where solar energy and heat dominate, we must look to a place where water and cold rule, and Sedna is our solace. The vibration brought by Sedna summons our feminine aspect to arise out of the depths of the unconscious, where it has been exiled into a cold dark corridor of the mind, to become manifest and powerful in the face of our weakening patriarchal landscape. With Sedna vibrating around and through us, we become prepared for the paradigm shift required to bring our collective psyche into balance. In a therapeutic setting, the Sedna gong helps to relieve pressures exerted upon our intuitive selves in the face of the dominant materialistic worldview. Its vibration relieves feelings of shame related to sexuality, embodiment and our most primitive desires.

Recommended Mallet: M6

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