New Moon Planet Gong - 24”

New Moon Planet Gong - 24”
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The New Moon gong resonates at the approximate musical note of G#. The New Moon represents the cycle from one new moon to the next.

Zodiacal Rulership: Cancer
New Moon Qualities: : Inviting, gently opening and releasing, nurturing
New Moon Therapeutics: Facilitates emotional release; treats habitual behavior patterns; loosens creative blocks; supports fertility and conception
New Moon in Ceremony: Used to let go of negative patterns, to heal water issues, and in New Moon ceremonies

The New Moon gong evokes openness and fertility. It creates a ceremonial landscape into which intentions may be seeded and take fruit. The cycles of the moon are intimately related to our sense of rhythm, place and punctuation, letting us know when things are in sync or out of place in our lives. As creatures who are born in a wave of oceanic expression, we resonate deeply with vibrations that allow us to return to our cosmic selves. New moon vibrations are ones that invite us to create, envision and plant ourselves firmly in new intentions we want to manifest.

Recommended Mallet: M3

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