Mercury Planet Gong - 32”

Mercury Planet Gong - 32”
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The Mercury gong resonates at the approximate musical note of C#. Mercury represents synthesis, communication, inventiveness and speech.

Zodiacal Rulership: Gemini and Virgo
Mercury Qualities: Accelerating, mediating, synthesizing
Mercury Therapeutics: Aids communication; heals throat chakra issues; balances thyroid function
Mercury in Ceremony: Facilitates soul travel and retrieval
Mercury in Concert: Used with Pluto and Sun for shamanic journeying between the worlds

The Mercury gong activates a state of mental acuity and clarity, reaching deep into the confines of our nervous system to sharpen and brighten our senses. From the misty and fleeting realm of thoughts and dreams, we are brought into the material world of physical sensation and vocal articulation. In a therapeutic setting, the Mercury gong is used to dispel confusion and mental disorders that are based in repetitive, neurotic thought patterning. The sound bath provided by Mercurial vibrations intercepts a racing mind, improves our ability to discern what is right or wrong from a multiplicity of choices, and awakens a sluggish nervous system, improving bodily coordination and our ability to vocally articulate our needs and desires. Mercurial energy also works toward balancing thyroid function. The movement is from confused and erratic decision-making processes and disjunctive bodily functions to mental clarity, eloquence and physical grace.

Recommended Mallets: M5 or M6

"I have experienced both immediate physical and continued, profound deep changes with Acutonics. Immediate, obvious physical changes include ongoing relief from arthritis in my hands that had literally bent a few of my fingers to the side, release of continual, deeply held stress in my body, lightening of my worries, relief from long-standing sciatica pain, lowering of my blood pressure, and TMJ release. The more subtle … change is a deep, sustained, slow building inner calm."

- Barbara Galbraith, Nashville, TN