Earth Day Middle Hand Chime

Earth Day Middle Hand Chime
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Color: Green
Approximate Musical Note: G
Zodiacal Rulership: Our relationship to the whole wheel
Character: Stimulates and strengthens

Earth Day is generative and tonifying and represents the Earth rotating on its own axis in a 24-hour cycle.

Themes & Keywords: Grounding, nature, connectedness, mother, food, the Earth body energy as a whole, the whole life cycle (birth, life, death, wisdom and experience)

Energetics: Refuels the system and boosts the immune function. Earth represents the ability to be comfortable in the body, and the homework each must do. It gives the balance and sustenance needed to complete life's destiny successfully

Ohm and Earth Day create the Earth Day 5th interval

Earth Day Middle Hand Chime, 11-inch length

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