Chiron Middle Hand Chime

Chiron Middle Hand Chime
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Color: Lime Green
Approximate Musical Note: D#
Zodiacal Rulership: Virgo
Character: Initiation

Chiron represents the wounded healer a bridge between the material and spiritual.

Themes & Keywords: Wounding, the urge to heal and teach, acceptance of spirituality, initiation, gratitude, paradigm shifts, repairing and mending.

Energetics: A catalyst to help access and heal the deepest wounds, so that we may move forward with strength, compassion and wisdom to achieve our true destiny.

Ohm and Chiron create a major 2nd
(the bridge between a 2nd and 3rd)

Chiron Middle Hand Chime, 12-inch length

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"I have been an Acutonics Practitioner for 12 years and teacher of this system for ten. Every session, every class is testimony to the profound nature of this work. Over the years, in addition to sound healing sessions, I have incorporated Acutonics into my massage and reflexology practice. I have had the honor to participate in and bear witness to the deep shifts that clients and students experience with these planetary tunings forks, as well as other sound tools. Healing moves on all levels, and the prime "

- Maren Good, MA, LMT, Certified Acutonics Practitioner, Senior Faculty