Emotions, Cycles and Tides of Change

By Ellen F. Franklin, PhD

Excerpt From:
Secrets They Bring from the Other Side of Night
By Donna Carey

…We are dancing with the women of old
Pelvises thundering with an ancient power
that shatters secrets from the other side of night
And entering the room
our deepest hopes enfold the darkest fear
We find her irresistible, standing naked there

So afraid we begin to run the way we have always run
the way we were taught to run
But are drawn back realizing that
Even if we shook from the mist these dewy symbols
The moon would still be there to take us
(as it takes the ocean) by the hand
Reaching in to guide us to another land

On June 22nd at the time of the summer solstice we entered the sign of Cancer ruled by the Moon. The Moon embodies the best characteristics of the ancient healers, the purity of the stream, the sacredness of the healing experience, and the critical importance of being connected to the cycles of life and the natural world. On July 2nd we will experience a New Moon in Cancer and the promise of light to come as the moon waxes toward fullness bringing new light and awareness into our consciousness. 

The crescent moon reminds us of the eternal cycles of life that promises an end to every beginning and a beginning to every end. The Moon in all its phases invites us to examine the waters of emotion, cycles and tides of change, representing a circle with no beginning and no end that deeply ties to our life on Earth and to the watery depths of the ocean. In many cultures the moon is also linked to fertility gods, viewed as a provider of nourishment, with control over the oceans, seas, and tides from which all life originates. A symbol of the unconscious, psychic creativity and the cycles of life. 

From the depths of the oceans all life began; and the currents of an individual life can mirror a calm day at sea, with gentle waves propelling us forward into creative inspiration or wild waters consuming us as we are sucked into the depths, shattered in unforeseen ways.

Yet like the upwelling and sinking downward of diverse currents; the displacement of upper layers by the rich, revitalizing, colder waters from below, the inexhaustibly fertile, ever-changing waters of the psyche are sustained and rejuvenating. Traversing the Great Waters brings one side (dness) face to face with its opposite shore. The bitter salt of engagement with unknown depths can be transmuted into wisdom.— The Book of Symbols

Water also relates to fear, and many people are living at an alarm level, in a constant state of fight or flight, our cortisol levels are high and are adrenals are maxed out. Even if you don’t live near a body of water imagine yourself at a favorite place, a river, stream, ocean or lake allow your imagination to soak in the moisture – bring the waters into your heart, feel the ebb and flow of time as you take things in and let them go, to find wisdom and the still point where true healing unfolds.

As each of us works to navigate the depths find a place where you can embrace the great waters, walk beside a wild river, bathe in the ocean, swim in a lake and dance with the moon. If you are unable to get out into the natural world Invoke these feelings with your sound tools. (See Paul and Jude Ponton’s article on Relaxation and Judy Bernard’s self-care treatments.)

Here at the Mothership we live close to the natural world in the high desert, where drought is often a reality. It is an imperative to stay tuned to the cycles of water and the impact of abundance and insufficient water in our wetlands, pond, and irrigation ditches. When winter snows are scarce and spring winds high there is always a risk of fire. When water is scarce there isn’t enough for our small farm community to irrigate the hay fields, grow crops and provide water for grazing animals. But this year we are blessed with abundant water from winter snow pack the rivers are full and fast, feeding into the Acequias (our irrigation system) which operates similarly to the human body and the meridians. There are portals or gates that can be opened or closed to allow water to flow freely through the channels of the land. Everything around us is alive and green, and there is still a bit of snow in the mountains. In the outside gardens we have rhubarb, garlic scapes, and watermelon radishes and abundant new growth pushing through the Earth includes winter and summer squash, corn, kale, chard, cilantro and the fall garlic crop will soon be ready to harvest. The growing dome is thriving, with new fruit on the Meyer Lemon and fig trees, many fresh herbs, spinach, chard and rapidly growing cucumber, tomato and pepper plants. 

May the month ahead bring you respite from the craziness in our modern world and time for quiet reflection, peace and solitude.