Eeka King: Bringing Acutonics to Australia

Eeka King: Bringing Acutonics to Australia

Eeka King, who practices Acutonics down in Brunswick Heads, Australia, came to Acutonics through chanting. “Several years ago, I’d started to experience benefits in my life from chanting certain sounds,” explains King, who’d just completed another week of teacher training with Ellen Franklin and Donna Carey. “And I remembered that I’d had experiences of hearing music in my dreams—music I now know is the music of the spheres.”

Coincidentally, or fatefully, not long after those experiences, a practitioner from her Bayside Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Clinic, where King is a qualified and experienced acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner (and nationally licensed in Australia), as well as being a certified teacher of Acutonics, came back with some tuning forks from Acutonics, and applied them to her acupuncture points. Right then, she says, “I knew that Acutonics was what I was meant to do.”

Something about chanting sounds opened up King’s perception to an entirely new reality. A reality King always suspected was there; a reality that Acutonics and its tuning forks and gongs proved actually was there. She’d always asked questions about energy and the mind-body connection. Especially when, as a teenager, her father became quite ill.

“I was trying to understand all these experiences in life and how they create our reality,” says King, who with her husband David owns and maintains the Bayside clinic. “I was trying to understand what was going on physically with my father, and how that was a product of his emotional well-being. And that’s when I went into energy healing and massage.”

Even before that, though, she’d gotten interested in astrology, interested enough that at 18 she completed a year of training in astrological therapeutic counseling with Universal Astrology (work that helped inform her later training in Chinese medicine and Acutonics—and even later, work she would factor into her passion for natural fertility management).

“Acutonics answered a lot of my deep inquiries,” explains King. “It really does integrate all the sciences all the philosophies into one. Everything was divided before. This system pulls it back to wholeness of the truth.”

That’s partly because much of the philosophy of Acutonics is rooted in Chinese medicine. Certain points have certain effects on certain organs and systems. Having that background, in turn, deepened her understanding of Acutonics. “It has definitely deepened my practice,” says King. “Sound and vibration go deeper than needles. They reach peoples’ souls. “In some instances, I’m experiencing the same results in a single session of Acutonics as what might’ve taken three acupuncture sessions to achieve—it’s that powerful. It’s like talking to the cells.”

This past summer, she spent a week at Acutonics’ headquarters, Ellen and Donna’s home, in northern New Mexico, where she completed the last levels of teacher training. She’s now certified to teach all levels of Acutonics’ Integrative Medicine certification program in Australia. King has been teaching Acutonics classes in Australia since 2013 and has been building a “lovely” community of practitioners from all over the country. A number she’s passionately hoping to increase.

“You can easily study Acutonics for the rest of your life,” says King. “Every teacher brings something different. Ellen and Donna allow such an expansion of this information. And they want us to keep building it. They really encourage teachers to bring whatever specialties they have.”

King’s focus, for instance, is her unique work with women’s health and infertility (providing natural alternatives to in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other assisted methods that are not necessary) and natural fertility management. Along with her preparation of lunar ovulation charts (based on the Jonas system) for her fertility and preconception care patients, she’s also incorporated Acutonics into her practice. “Why not?” she asks rhetorically. “It’s a great tool.”

The great thing about Acutonics is that it has an effect on people no matter how in tune or out of tune they are. “The more open someone already is to it, the more they get out of it,” says King. “The more someone is shut down in their body, their body says, What is this?” But even for those who are shut down, they’re getting something out of it. Their bodies, their energies, really can’t help responding to sound.

“If someone is holding on to a lot of energy, it might not be as deep as someone who’s ready,” says King. “But over time, it changes their frequency and vibration.”

And when so many people are in stress and disconnection from themselves, getting them back in tune with their bodies and balanced in their energies benefits not just themselves but everyone and the world around them.

“What we’re striving for—what God is—is just light and sound,” says King. “As we increase each of these, we’re becoming closer to the source energy, our souls, the spirit, the creator. You’re releasing attachments and suffering. You’re coming closer to who you really are.”