Blog: January 2018.

Belonging by Donna Carey, LAc, Co-Creator Acutonics®

I want to begin this New Year Message from the Mothership with a focus on belonging.  2017 has been both illuminating and galvanizing for many movements but the one that has struck me most profoundly in terms of social and political history is the #metoo phenomenon, which has grown into an extraordinary opportunity for people to give voice to horrific life experiences and call for right action and social justice, and to not be afraid to speaking up. The Earth also cries out #metoo, and there is no court to take on this rape case, harassment, and disregard for planetary life one whose fate is intimately entwined with ours. And for me personally, the #metoo movement is also about all victims without voice, refugee populations, orphans, fostered children, abused animals, all sentient beings whose voices must be heard and seek belonging.

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