Acutonics Holiday Blessings A Look Back at 2016

Acutonics Holiday Blessings A Look Back at 2016

We are truly grateful for all of the teachers, practitioners and students who help us carry Acutonics forward, so that the medicine continues to evolve and grow, touching the lives of people around the globe. This year we are celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the initial development of Acutonics and the founding of our company. We are proud to be at the forefront in the development of an integrative approach to medicine that embraces science, cosmology, psychology and wisdom teachings of the East and the West, but we could not have done it without you. We have so much gratitude and extend our heartfelt thanks to each of you.

Although many of us feel that our internal and external landscape are severely challenged, we must not lose sight of the huge advances that have been made to more deeply understand the inter-connectivity between body, mind and spirit in choosing to live a healthy, harmonic, balanced and integrated life. The power to ignite transformation and to promote harmony, optimal health and well-being in others, and in ourselves, is within us. Let’s commit to use all the tools we have in our hands and our hearts as we continue on the journey of healing, integration and transformation. We must not give up hope, or lose our voice, for there is much to celebrate.
Here are some of the highlights from the Acutonics Community in 2016.
Currently we have 30 active teachers, with half of our teachers offering courses internationally. This year we have seen continued growth in Australia, Canada, England, Mexico, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, Taiwan and the United States. In November, Marco Antonio de Franchi and Marcelo Porto from Brazil launched Acutonics in Portugal. The opportunity arose from a connection made by Beatriz Berko witz, from Mt. Shasta (and Brazil). Lynn Wedekind has created a healing and teaching space in Todos Santos,  Mexico—a true destination for Acutonics classes. Theresa Lee has created a beautiful center in Riondel, British Columbia, where she offers the full Acutonics curriculum and has invited many guest teachers, including Will Vukmanic, Alicia Villamarin and Will Morris, to share their wisdom with her students. Ron La Place teaches in Canada and anywhere in the world where students have a desire to study Acutonics. Erin Taylor has co-taught with Ron and has also created a new elective Evolution of Consciousness. Ellen and Erin updated the ethics class and taught Ethics in Clinical Practice in July.

Alicia Villamarin continues to teach Acutonics and she has brought the work of Dan Nevel into Acutonics, teaching Entering the Extraordinary Vessels: Introduction to NSEV (Non-Somatic Extraordinary Vessels). She also teaches Acutonics to healers in some of the most remote rural communities of the world as part of the mission of her not-for-profit, The WU Project. Irit Lerner continues to provide student mentorship and teaching in Israel. We are so pleased that she got to visit with us in New Mexico just a year ago. Joanie Solaini is actively teaching in the UK, and Peter Waltz will launch Acutonics in Germany in 2017.

Eeka King visited the Mothership from Australia this year to complete her teacher certification training. She has a growing  student community in Australia. She also hosted Erin Taylor and Ron La Place this year. Izumi Masukaw a has integrated Acutonics into her school in Japan, published many articles and contributed to books about the beneficial effects of sound vibration and a vegetarian life style. She has also held peace concerts, incorporating all of the gongs and tuning forks. Oksana Merimskaya continues to teach in Russia, most recently in Surgut, Siberia, where she reported it was -37 C.

Judy Bernard writes weekly treatment tweets and she is also offering on-line clinical mentorship to students. Elfi Six a long-time teacher, offers classes in Western Massachusetts and Birch Storey has developed Acutonics Level I for online delivery. Jude and Paul Ponton write monthly treatment tips for the newsletter, teach the full curriculum, and mentor students, they are currently working on updates to our points and meridians class and developing a new course in the fundamentals of Chinese medicine. Susan Goldstone is teaching classes in Ft. Collins, Colorado, Will and Cache Hartzell in Bozeman, Montana, Sunanda Harrell-Stokes in Scottsdale, Arizona and Elizabeth Stewart, who took a break from teaching to go to acupuncture college, is now living and working in Adrian, Michigan, where she has a very busy clinical practice and is launching a study using Acutonics to treat autism spectrum disorder.

Katie Mink and Laurie Herron, in Berkeley, California, have created a large community of students and practitioners offering classes, forums, and, a favorite of Ellen’s, Acutonics Camp, which they host each summer on their land in Mt. Shasta, California. Katie was also recently in Taiwan with Ling Chen, where she guest taught Harmonic Pathology.

Maren Good continues to teach in New Jersey and offers amazing gong attunements. Janet DeVallauris is teaching in Illinois and is currently developing content for the password-protected student community on the Acutonics website. Mary Burke Kelly has a growing group of advanced students in Texas, some of whom are close to being certified. Barrie Andrews, an accomplished artist and practitioner, is co-founder and co-director of Ocho in Questa, New Mexico, a multi-use arts and events space that is also home to Sage Acutonics and Massage, where Barrie teaches, practices and runs a community clinic.

Jennifer Gehl has been quite busy writing this year. Although she has taken a break from teaching Acutonics, she completed an important new book, The Science of Planetary Signatures in Medicine, published by Inner Traditions, which will be available in January.

In 2016, new classes were taught, curriculum was updated, and we had many, many guests who came to the Mothership to study and to learn about our work with sound in the growing dome and on the land. Some of the highlights of 2016

March: Certified Acutonics® Practitioner and Chaplain Lauren Cetlin taught Acutonics Sound Healing for End of Life Comfort Care at Constellations Hospice in Orange, Connecticut. She also collaborated with Ellen and Maren Good on the development of a set of tools and a use guideline for hospice care providers.

April: Acutonics Teacher Retreat in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. We worked hard and played hard to plan for the future.

May: Ellen presented a one-day workshop at the 18th Annual Energy Psychology Conference in Santa Clara, California, where she was assisted by Katie Mink, Ling Chen, Rita Martin and Alice Adeboi; additional help in our very busy booth was provided by Katie’s students, Jill Keene and Kristan Gainey and Ling Chen’s student Lucille Wu.

June: We were so grateful to have the assistance of Sue Wadden for our classes here at the Mothership, including Sedna, Harmonic Pathology and Case Studies.
July: Ron LaPlace was here to teach Harmonic Geometry: The Fibonacci Process and Erin Taylor taught Evolution of Consciousness and offered a Clinic Day. Ellen and Erin co-taught Ethics in Clinical Practice. Ellen was also invited by Integrative Medicine de Taos to present a Taos Talk, and she went to Acutonics Camp in Mt. Shasta, California.

August: Alicia Villamarin taught the NSEV elective here at the Mothership, Birch Storey stopped by for a visit and our nephew Nolan Bade was here to work on the new gate at the entrance to our property. We also are so grateful that Susan Goldstone came to assist us as Ellen recovered from hip surgery.

September: The abundant harvest in the growing dome and on the land provided us with many delicious vegetables, including tomatoes, cucumbers, figs, Meyer lemons and all types of greens. The WU Project had a very successful mission to Chiapas, Mexico, teaching a motivated group of caregivers about Chinese Medicine and Acutonics.

October: Amanda Simon was here from the UK to work on the land and in the growing dome and Peter Waltz visited to continue his teacher training. Ellen and Donna attended the Pacific Symposium, where we reconnected with old friends and met many new people interested in Acutonics. Always a very busy show, we were assisted by Katie Mink, Laurie Herron, Will Vukmanic, Sunanda Harrell Stokes and Lynn Wedekind. A highlight of this trip was reconnecting with Kat Lyons, a dear friend and early teacher of Acutonics who today is painting, crafting beautiful gongs (Nefer Gongs) and co-owner of Kreamy Soaps with her partner Brett Thomas.

November: Ling Chen was interviewed for a TV program in Taiwan. We installed a new Temple Bell on the land, and Mary Elizabeth Wakefield and MichelAngelo stopped by for a visit at the Mothership. Peter Waltz was also here to further his studies and talk about the launch of Acutonics classes in Germany. Marco and Marcello launched Acutonics in Portugal and they also were interviewed for a local TV program. Katie Mink joined Ling Chen in Taiwan to co-teach Harmonic Pathology, and supervise a clinic day.

December: We are so pleased to have finalized the edits and photo selection for the new poetry collection, Days of E ndless Capture. The 2nd edition of There’s No Place Like Ohm was also prepared for a reprint, which involved making corrections and revising the front matter of the book. Alicia Villamarin and her family will be just up the road for the holidays and we are so thrilled that we will have this time together. Donna and Alicia will spend some time over this holidays working on a new elective, Selfie: The New Science of Harmonic Biology that will be offered in the summer of 2017.
As we look forward to 2017 Ellen has been invited back to the Energy Psychology Conference in San Antonio, Texas, where she will be presenting a new-one day pre conference workshop on May 18, 2017.  In June, we will start a new group of students through the Acutonics Certification Program here at the Mothership. Many of our teachers are starting new cycles of classes and we encourage those of you who are interested in beginning your studies to check the website for a class near you. We are also pleased that Acutonics will be taught in Germany in 2017 and again in Portugal and that so many students will be completing their studies to become Certified Acutonics Practitioners.
Blessings for the Solstice and all the holidays this season brings to you and your family, may the light return, to illuminate your dreams, and bring peace, joy, harmony and hope to our World.
Much Love, Light and Harmony
Ellen, Donna & Sande