Spring Self-Care Affirmations

Spring Self-Care Affirmations

by Judy Bernard, EAMP, MAc, Senior Licensed Faculty

Welcome to Spring. These self-care tips for April are designed to work with the common ailments that occur in springtime. They start with a powerful I AM affirmation to claim what we want. Specific intervals are recommended to amplify that vibration within us, so that we can emit these positive frequencies into the world. The points selected were chosen to root the interval within so that our physical body feels and entrains to it. These self-care sessions work best if you gather all your tools ahead of time and place them next to you, within an easy reach. Give yourself about 10-15 minutes to complete the session and allow a few minutes of rest afterwards to integrate the vibrations.

I Breathe Easily and Deeply! (Allergies)

Mercury, New Moon: KID 1, LIV 3, REN MAI, SP 6, LU 1, LIV 14
Sinus Treatment, Mercury, Full Moon: KID 3, LU9, REN MAI, LU1, LIV17
Harmonic Essential Oil: Mercury
Chimes of Ohm and Jupiter

I AM Flexible! (Joint Pain)

Zodiac 3rd: KID 1, LIV 3, SP3, SJ5, GB38, DU16, SP21, DU MAI
Ohm, Jupiter: SP3, SJ5, GB38, DU16, SP21, DU MAI
Harmonic Essential Oil: Jupiter
Singing Bowl on Belly and thighs

I AM Clean and Clear (Liver Detox)

Zodiac 3rd: KID 1, LIV 3, DAI MAI
New Moon 5th: REN MAI, LIV 3, LI 4 (Four Gates) REN 9
Sun, Jupiter: ST 36, LIV 8, REN 12
HF Sun, Jupiter: Over Liver and Spleen organs
OHM Jupiter: KID 1, LIV 3
Harmonic Essential Oil: Earth
Chimes Ohm and Jupiter or Bowl on Belly

I AM in the Flow (Anxiety, Feeling Blocked, Frustration)

Zodiac 3rd: KID 1, LIV 3, LI 4
New Moon 5th followed by Mars, Venus and Mars, Neptune: LIV 3, LI 4, YANG QIAO, DAI MAI, GB 21, GB 39, REN 17
Mars, Neptune: KID 1, KID 3, SP 6
Harmonic Essential Oil: Neptune
Singing Bowl on Belly

Judy will be teaching Acutonics Level VI: Case Studies, Clinical Documentaries in an online live format beginning April 12 and meeting once a week for a six-week period. Specific time to be determined. To register or for more information contact Judy at PlanetaryGongGoddess@gmail.com or call/text: 253-593-4751. Judy is also available as a clinical mentor.

"With every session we participate in and every class we teach, we access new levels of awareness of the infinite compassion, generosity and expansiveness that is available to us and we increase our capacity to engage in joyful creation of portals to new realities for ourselves and those we serve. "

- Jude and Paul Ponton, Senior Acutonics Faculty