Spring into May, Self-Care Affirmations

Spring into May, Self-Care Affirmations

By Judy Bernard, EAMP. MAC, Senior Licensed Acutonics Faculty, Certified Acutonics® Practitioner

The wonderful season of Spring continues as we move into May. The weather has been a bit crazy as well as the vibrations here on planet Earth. Self-care is so important during these times of transition. We must fill ourselves up to be able to give to others. We cannot pour from an empty cup, so it is time to gather your tools, find a quiet 15-30 minutes, and give yourself a tune-up.

I AM Love and I Accept Myself!

Receiving Abundance, Self-care, Worthiness

Harmonic Essentials® Oils: Jupiter and Venus
Mars/Venus 5th, then Venus /Jupiter applied to same points CHONG MAI, ST 4, REN 17, P 8, REN 12, REN 4, REN 6, SP 6, REN MAI
Jupiter and Ohm HF or Chimes
Play Singing Bowl on Belly
est and Relax

I AM Peaceful and Grounded!

Temporal Headache, High Blood Pressure

Harmonic Essentials®Oil: Earth
Chimes or HF of Zodiac 3rd: Sweep down from head to feet
Zodiac 3rd on GB 40, GB 34, GB 2, YANG WEI
New Moon 5th on LIV 3, LI 4
Full Moon 6th on GB 41, KID 3
Ohm/Sedna Microtone on YANG WEI, KID 1
Play Singing Bowl on Belly
Rest and Relax

I AM Strong, Resilient and Compassionate!

Compassion Fatigue, Depression, Overwhelm, Anxiety, Heartache

Chimes of Mars and Venus
Mars/Venus 5th on KID 1, LIV 3, KID 3, UB 60, DAI MAI, REN 4, REN 6, REN 12, REN14, REN 17, P 6, SJ 5, YIN TANG
Harmonic Essentials® Oils: Mars and Venus on YIN TANG, REN 17, REN 4, REN 6
Play singing bowl on Belly
Rest and Relax

I AM Supported and Flexible!

Knee Pain

Harmonic Essentials® Oils: Saturn and Venus
Play Singing Bowl on Baliaos
Saturn/Venus 5th on UB 10, UB 60, GB 34, ST 34, ST 35, ST 36, SP 9, LIV 8, SP 10,
Ohm Octave on KID 1
Rest and Relax

Pick your day and time for Clinic Hours or Level VI: Case Studies, Clinical Documentaries. Both of these will be offered online in June and July. Please contact Judy Bernard EAMP, MAc, Senior Faculty at PlanetaryGongGoddess@gmail.com or call/text: 253-593-4751 for more information.

"I received Acutonics treatments once a week for 5 months. The benefits I have experienced have been numerous…The most relaxed I’ve ever felt “in my body”. I have a general sense of “going with the flow” even though I’ve been processing some major emotional/health issues. A re-occurring ache I’ve had in my neck is gone. My hormones seem to have balanced, I’m losing weight, and physically I feel GREAT! "

- Jennifer Bell, Santa Fe