October Astrological Perspective – A Time to Harvest and Harmonize

October Astrological Perspective – A Time to Harvest and Harmonize

By John “Tone” Rosan, Acutonics Student Practitioner

Aloha! Thanks for being an incredible healing force of light and love in this world right now! This month, I am going to do things a little differently and offer some combinations and treatments that I feel will be valid and useful all month long. The astrological weather of October 2018 is very rich in movement and alchemy. I expect the month to be laborious yet rewarding, and hope some of these movements in sound and qi will assist you and those you work with in making the most out of this crucial moment!

This is the time to harmonize the Micro-Cosmic Orbit. The transition from yang to yin and back again. A Blue Dragon rises in the North (Du) and a Red Tiger descends into the South (Ren). However, resolving this polarity reveals that both motions are outward simultaneously. So this is the final wave of energy to push through and make it happen in 2018.

A great combination and placement of forks for bringing extra energy to those in need of stamina and endurance this month is LF Mars/MF Pluto 7th to REN 4.  Solar 7th is also a great choice if planetary forks are unavailable. These are VERY strong combinations. So judicious use is necessary as with all sound healing: a little goes a long way!

Harvest season is here! Things are drying up, stiffening and falling apart. Let us bring a suppleness to stiff creaky places with Saturn/Venus 5th upon the Du Mai. Then let’s tonify and nourish our Du Mai with MF Jupiter/HF Sedna TT*. We still have so much to do!

How can we treat the Du and the Ren with such joy and expansive force as to be indomitable in all of our pursuits? Sun/Jupiter TT on REN 17 is one suggestion. Consider the same upon the Yang Wei Mai for expansion of personal power.

Conversely, for those who are seeking knowledge over power, I also like Mercury/Neptune 5th on the Yang Wei this month as we enhance our receptivity to messages from across the rainbow bridge.

Bringing the great benefits Jupiter/Venus 3rd upon the Dai and Windows of the Sky (SJ 16, Window of Heaven, LI 18 Support the Prominence, SI 17, Heavenly Appearance, etc.) would be great for presentation and self-confidence; especially for those looking for gainful employment (or having a great time at a party).

Additionally, why not bring HF Sun 1 and/or HF Sun 2 with Ceres Asteroid forks to SI 11 and the entire governing vessel? Honoring and acknowledging that we are not here to go it alone, and that angels in all forms are here to work with us on transforming and transmuting during this time of great shifting!

Attention to detail for maximizing the harvest is crucial. Don’t waste all of your work! Mercury/Sun conjunction upon the Equinox last month will guide our energetic through to the December Solstice. But the veil between worlds is thinning as we approach Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. So shade your eyes lest they get burned by the Sun! There, shining through the veil of Mercury, is that a man or a woman? Both? Yes!

Try a weaving sweep using HF Mercury/HF Sun 2 over crown (DU 20 Hundred Meetings), then to the eyes (UB 1 Bright Eyes) Then weave toward REN 17 Chest Center and continue down the Ren Mai through REN 4 holding and finishing above the root chakra. This motion imbues the body with an inner light and authority, blessing the recipient with empowerment and joy.

We see Mercury the child running naked freely and laughing. He brings roses of gold to the woman Venus from her lover Mars across time and space. Use Mars/Venus 5th upon the Ren Mai to enhance loving relationships. And use the same upon the Du Mai to increase feelings of joy and presence.

Pausing, she reflects upon the hard work that she has accomplished. Now she collects the fruits of her labor so that she may have a Grand Reception at year’s end. Consider using Chiron/Venus TT contra-laterally upon KID 25, Spirit Storehouse to promote appropriate use of resources and holding on to what has been won through hard work and skill. If appropriate, continue through KID 24, Spirit Ruin and KID 23, Spirit Seal to fully imbue the wisdom herein.

As we prepare for the grand celebration of life and death at the end of October, we would be foolish to turn a shameful eye toward our love for physical pleasure. Indeed, as we raise our awareness to sexuality, we can then approach it with an open, creative and joyful expression.

Use LF Chiron/MF Mercury 7th on LIV 5, Woodworm Canal to promote genital health and sexual healing. LF Jupiter/MF Mercury 5th brings this qi forth, opening the pathway to beginner mind and ceaseless wonder! All creativity is enhanced through open partnership with Spirit. Releasing of taboos also releases repression and dysfunction. Move these same forks to KID 8, Exchange Belief to further assist in the transmutation of stuck patterns and limiting beliefs.

Full circle let us now return to our Gate of Origin, REN 4 and/or Ren Mai to really seal the deal. This point/channel is highly indicated throughout the month as being the key to our success! And as we revel in our mortality, we resolve the duality of our limitations and limitlessness.

With this in mind, the signatures of Saturn and Neptune are the obvious choice. However, some finesse is required to help the body understand the message is here. So consider the following sequence as a way to access and re-program the body to see how its boundaries are also its freedoms. Just as our most beloved works of art often have an implicate structure, so also are we living master works of art!

Thanks again for joining me on this harmonic path; I hope these suggestions lead to inspiration in your practice. Many blessings!

*TT stands for Tritone, a musical interval between the 4th and 5th. The tritone is mathematically expressed as the square root of 2 (1.414…), and it bisects the Octave symmetrically (i.e., the harmonic space measured in cents above and below the tritone is equal). The tritone may also be identified as an Augmented 4th or Diminished 5th depending on the quality of the ratio. In my experience, a tritone is a revealing, centering and pushing force. I use tritones often in our work. It is also a great interval for empowerment and for facing difficult tasks.

John “Tone” Rosan is a Student Practitioner who has been studying Acutonics since 2015. He is working towards finishing his certification by 2020 so that he may open his own healing practice as well as teach Acutonics. Tone lives just west of Denver, Colorado in Lakewood with his wife and children where he also works as a sound engineer and IT specialist. His lifelong passion is in making music and sound for healing and enjoyment!

"The physical issue . . . centered around, an essential tremor in my hand and leg that I have had for about 8 years. In working with Elle for about 6 months and the way she technically AND intuitively uses Acutonics, I am happy to report that over time my hand tremor has lessened quite a bit and my leg, which could sometimes jerk quite substantially during the night, has almost disappeared... [After] every session, I always felt “lighter”, happier, [and calmer]. "

- John Lehman, Nashville, TN