November Astrological Events and Treatment Ideas

November Astrological Events and Treatment Ideas

By John Rosen, AKA Tone, Acutonics Level IV Student Practitioner

It is my joy and honor to offer some ideas for treatment of the self, client and collective for the month of November! In this iteration of Astrological Acutonics, I focus my attention on the Full and New Moon with a few general ideas in between and after. Enjoy.

November 3, 2017 - Full Moon – On Friday the 3rd, the Full Moon in sensual and physical Taurus will really activate the fey and erotic nature of the Sun in Scorpio. Just as we finish celebrating our deceased, we are often reminded of our mortality and how it is never too late to enjoy our lives to the fullest. Even on the brink of destruction we find ourselves at our most creative. So, it is human nature to rise to the occasion in the face of imminent doom. What else is there and why on earth would we even be here if not for our instinctual desire to succeed, and to be succeeded!

So, treating the Microcosmic Orbits of our clients and selves will be of great poignancy on this Full Moon.

I highly recommend the Mars/Venus 5th as an easy and capable couple on the Du Mai, (Apply Mars to UB 62 and Venus to SI 3) also use on the Eight Seams (Baliao).

Furthermore, the energy of the Sun and Jupiter moving into Scorpio back in October, began to uncover our deeply harbored secrets and past. This has made for some big reveals as we have seen with the #meetoo movement. This will continue to bring revelations and major shifting toward a healed planet throughout November.

Venus has been spending some time purifying herself of the past with her most trusted friends and Vesta in Libra. I predict that more and more people will step forward with stories of physical abuse past and present. We need to be present and compassionate with our clients through these times, and know when it is appropriate to refer out. Now more than ever working with sound and the skills offered through the practice of Acutonics are incredibly valuable as we assist many through deep release and rebirth.

Continue to work on structures and blockages in the DU, which is extremely vital. After opening with Mars and Venus, an additional treatment of Saturn and Venus 5th on the DU can help to bring in wisdom and compassion to survive through the violently complicit and commiserate culture that we are beginning to emerge from.

The Chiron/Venus Tritone is a great way to lovingly identify and call out stuck energy that must move on in order to help the individual and collective spirit that is involved in this deep wounding of the personal and interpersonal. This interval is absolutely useful on the UB and DU channels as well.

I would use them judiciously, but the high forks of Sun, Chiron, Jupiter and Venus are also wanting to be brought into the session and waved like gleaming magic star wands across and over the back for acknowledgement and clearing.

On to the front of the Microcosmic Orbit, the Ren Mai, we now must do what we can to treat the root cause. We know it will all be in vain, if we don’t find a way to create a container of safety, honor and respect to move forward within.

With the REN, there are several 5ths that I recommend to both open and tonify. New Moon 5th is the most common here. But if you have the planetary tuning forks, I recommend the use of the Mercury/Uranus 5th to get after the cultural re-patterning that needs to occur on all levels. I can really feel the urgent swiftness that Mercury has to spread the Uranian rebellion against what we have been forced to accept as individuals and as a species. This combination would also be great on REN 21 and REN 22 for opening the throat of those who would like assistance in speaking their truth.

Additionally, Zodiac 3rd from LIV 3 to KID 1 (place the Zodiac fork on LIV 3 and the Ohm Fork on KID 1) to help lower the liver fire and at the same time replenish energy to the kidney channel.

Also consider using the Mercury/Chiron 2nd on the REN. Often these seemingly dissonant intervals are things we might avoid. However, a 2nd is a very energizing and incentivizing sound that makes getting to unity so appealing!

Throughout the Month:
Pluto/Neptune 5th on the Dai Mai for deep emotional opening.

Neptune/Pluto 4th on the Yang Wei Mai for feelings of safety, security and empowerment.

Chiron/Uranus Tritone on LU 1 to treat the lungs and increase oxygen intake.

November 10, 2017 The Waning Half-Moon: Venus recently enters Scorpio and although this lunar square may bring challenges especially regarding old-grief, Pluto/New Moon 5th on KID 25, 24 & 23 should help to relieve suffering.

Anchor Faith in the Heart upon REN 17 with Saturn/New Moon Tritone and then liberate the Heart with Uranus/New Moon Unison on HT 5.

November 18, 2017 – New Moon – On Saturday the 18th the New Moon in Scorpio will in many ways be a culmination of the intense movements of feeling and insight that we have been receiving and working through since October.

Now with the critical mass of the 5 celestial bodies of Vesta, Jupiter, Venus, and the Sun and Moon in Scorpio, we are called to fully release all of our outdated ties and contracts.

Return to the KID 25, 24, 23 sequence, and I would like to suggest something new (pun intended): Sun/New Moon 6th. This acts as a follow-up to the energy expressed on the 10th. But I would still recommend starting with Pluto/New Moon 5th here as well since it is such a perfect portal for opening deeply and reflecting purely.

This is an opportunity to claim mastery over our emotions and to forgive ourselves enough to let go of old grudges or blockages that serve nothing and no one. It’s only too true that what we cannot forgive finds a way to take root in our own energetic field. Therefore, holding on to past hurts, only continue to hurt us, doing double damage upon our body and soul.

So, continue to work with the Ren Mai vessel using Sun/New Moon 6th to rebirth a new and centered version of the self.

Also work with Mars/Venus 5th with Mars in Libra and Venus in Scorpio. Continue to work with the UB, Huato Jiaji points and the Baliao. What a fabulous pair for balance and harmony!

To offer relief from the intensity of life work with the 4 Gates LIV 3 and LI 4, apply Zodiac 3rd, and consider following with Chiron/Earth Day. This is a joyous pairing, and can really bring a smile to even the craggiest of brows.

By the end of November on or near the Waxing Half-Moon on Sunday the 26th, it will be important to bring healing to our individual and collective heart field. Consider working with Mercury/Chiron 2nd on P 7 and on the Chong. I also am a big fan of this combination upon H 7 and H 8, for bringing soothing energy to the heart.

Continuing also with Pluto/New Moon 5th and/or Pluto/Neptune 5th for clearing and cleansing of the Dai and to help us to move through some of our gastric choices with greater ease.

Sun/Venus 6th will help to bring a brighter, and more energetic mood on some of the key kidney points such as KID 3 and 10. This interval is also welcome upon the REN especially if someone is feeling run down or listless from over activity or seemingly endless toil.

All of the above wants me to remind you that it is so important as a practitioner to also receive healing work! Take care of yourselves out there, so that you can do a better job taking care of others too. But ultimately, just take care of you and be good to yourself because you mean so much to all of us! Thanks for all you do and thank you for sharing your world with us. We are all so blessed to have each other!

Mahalo ~ Tone

"I had been experiencing serious pain in my shoulder for about a year. X-rays, MRIs, three different physical therapists, stretching, steroid shots; I was hopeless. After ONE treatment with the tuning forks, my shoulder was better. I was amazed and truth be told, a little skeptical. But I've had six treatments and my shoulder has gotten better and better. Now I can reach straight over my head, pain-free!"

- JD, Santa Fe, NM