Auspicious Astrological Moments in August 2018

Auspicious Astrological Moments in August 2018

By John “Tone” Rosan, Acutonics Level IX Student Practitioner

We begin August 2018 with some fairly intense and complex arrangements. With six major planetary influences (Saturn, Pluto, Mars, Neptune, Chiron, Mercury) in retrograde, and a seventh on the way as Uranus goes retro a week later, an important goal for all will be focus and centering. I really enjoy using Sun/Jupiter tri-tone as a centering and self-empowering frequency on the 3-Treasures (REN 4, REN 17 & DU 20) or just REN 17 as needed.

Another great centering and somewhat cooling tri-tone is found in the relationship of Chiron/New Moon. This would also be useful to place on REN 4 for harmonizing and centering our personal power.

And in perfect parallel with this month’s Acutonics theme, Chiron and the Moon along with Venus show us the way toward re-uniting Art and Spirit with Medicine—which I like to think of as the resolution of the false duality of Spirituality and Science. As you will see throughout this article, duality (aka ‘opposition’ in astro-speak) doesn’t necessarily pit one thing against another. In many cases, it is up to the observer at the center (the tri-tone) to find and activate the power that binds two seemingly disparate subjects into a fully functioning and empowered wholeness.

Immediately out the gate on August 1st, the Goddesses of Yin-powerment, Moon (Spirit) and Venus (Art), move through opposition. Now some might think of opposition as a difficult aspect. However, I assert that opposition can also be utilized as a carrier wave for intention…especially when these two are involved!

Just as we might present two different tuning forks to each ear of a client for hemispheric harmonization, opposition is essentially two planetary bodies on either side of the Earth singing to us; calling to us. The energies of both vibrations blend and co-mingle through the cortex of our earth mind and at the same time gravitationally influence our collective spheric of consciousness.

This opposition occurs with the Moon (Spirit) conjunct Chiron (Medicine) in the tropical sign Aries the Ram (which coincides astrologically with the head/mind and also the entire physical body) with Venus (Art) in the tropical sign Virgo the Midwife (which coincides with the gut/intestines along with service and the healing arts in general). This is just too powerful a “coincidence” to ignore!

I would consider using various combinations of these forks upon the Yang Wei Mai; opening with Chiron on SJ 5 and balancing with NM or Venus upon GB 41. Full Moon balancing on GB 41 is also a welcome partner to Chiron as this is a beautiful clearing and opening 5th that will help to clear attachments and free us from others’ projected expectations. Own thine self and love it!

Additionally, at the same time these Goddesses are in opposition, they are also trine with their yang counterparts, Sun and Mars respectively. Yet they themselves are also in opposition with each other: talk about being pulled apart!

But with Mars in the humanitarian Aquarius (while sextile Moon/Chiron) and the Sun in loyal heart-centered Leo, there is so much energy being channeled through us that we must heed the call to truly live up to our highest individual and collective ideals; but with a strong reminder to challenge those who wish to rise up at the expense of our Soul Tribe. We must find a way to re-connect to each other in creative, healthy and supportive ways!

This means we must re-connect those things that we have been forced to accept separately in the past. No longer can we afford to divide and conquer our basic humanity through reductionist and separatist tactics. Instead we must unify Spirit, Art and Medicine once again!

It has been far too long that we have accepted a lesser and fragmented form of medicine that only treats our symptoms without addressing the root causes. As Albert Einstein is often quoted, “No problem can be solved by the same kind of thinking that created it”. And here we are—being called to evolve and upgrade our thinking minds. Because despite all of our medical advances over the years, there are still no man-made drugs that can assist the evolution of human consciousness even half as well as a deeper connection to Spirit and Art.

Thank You dearest Chiron for showing us to the bridge that will re-unite humanity with the rest of the biosphere; that we have pretended to be superior and detached from. For as long as consciousness resides in Earthly lifeforms, so shall we be of the Earth, with the Earth and for the Earth!

Though the Mars Retrograde and Solar opposition is beginning to loosen in August, the effects of this pair will continue to resound throughout the month as we attempt to let go of outdated masculine concepts and contracts. With Mars conjunct the South Node of the Moon, the Lunar Eclipse that occurred on July 27th is really demanding that we release ALL negative and regressive masculine ideals; especially those things that we romanticize despite knowing how bad they are for our individual and collective psyche.

This can relate to addiction, inward and outward violence, as well as martyrdom, as they all root in the same consciousness of self-sacrifice and disposability that many believe is the lot of Man. However, once we support our children, boys and men in realizing their true value (which is not to die in vain, but to live in honor), this will also support the conscious shift that we so desperately need with regards to the Feminine and Yin power.

I would consider yet another tri-tone, Mars/Neptune or even Chiron/Neptune, upon the Dai Mai (open GB 41, balance SJ 5) to help dissolve these self-inflicted wounds and the ego that continues its façade of toughness in pretentiousness and vanity.

Additionally, Venus/Full Moon 2nd is a great interval to use on the Liver channel at this time. The metal aspect of both the Full Moon and Venus can easily cut through the woody core of Liver stagnation and stuck Qi. Try this on the wood point of the Liver LIV 1 (Big Mound) and see how it goes. However, you may also want to try putting Full Moon on LIV 1 and Chiron on the fire point LIV 2 (Moving Between) to help open the Liver channel and burn through any unused/pent-up Qi.

Sun/Saturn 3rd is a great dispersing and re-structuring 3rd that I would bring to the Chong Mai (Sun opening SP 4, Saturn balancing P 6) early in the month as well. Although we are bringing this to a Yin-centric Extraordinary Vessel, this is intended to assist us in reformatting how we interface with the Yang energies of All (gender neutral). Developing new strategies and clearing karmic buildup related to what it means to be a Man is so important especially for the observers/victims/perpetrators of toxic masculinity. This is the time to throw off the yoke of false tradition, and to demand a present worth living for!

Congruently, now is a perfect time to work with our clients, communities and selves on our Governing Vessel. With Jupiter in Scorpio expanding Neptune’s dissolving Piscean influence upon a diminished Venus in Virgo, we have probably already seen many of our clients coming in with back problems that became exacerbated during the last half of July (or earlier). So, if possible (while avoiding any direct contact with ruptured or slipped disks, or damaged tendons), bring forks to the Huato Jiaji and Baliao that support a supple and fluid back structure and pranic transfer. Use high frequencies off the body if you are concerned about injuries that may be further aggravated by direct placement of the tuning forks. For the Du Mai, I REALLY like Sedna Octave, or LF Venus (Open SI 3)/LF Saturn (Balance UB 62).

These would also be great on UB 10 (Celestial Pillar) and UB 60 (Kunlun Mountains). If you’re dealing with a longer client on the treatment table and cannot reach both points, at the same time then apply the tuning forks to UB 10 and follow on UB 60. This is great for all kinds of energetics that lead to back issues arising.

August 4th – 5th is a time of the year I always celebrate the Phi Ratio. It just so happens that the Moon and Jupiter move through their own opposition on the 4th. And at this time, a great near Phi combination of Full Moon and Jupiter forks is exceptional to bring to the Ren Mai/Conception Vessel. In this case, I like the Phi 6th created by combining the middle fork of Jupiter with the low fork of Full Moon. Opening with MF-Jupiter on LU 7 (Broken Sequence) and balancing with LF-Full Moon on KID 6 (Shining Sea) will help support beautiful growth and expression. Ohm/Venus 6th may also be used/substituted here for similar yet subtler results. And I would also bring Venus/FM 2nd to the 3-Treasures for additional harmonization and enrichment of the treatment.

On August 8th as Venus moves into Her Authority in Libra, we see a Cardinal Grand Cross activated by the Moon opposite Saturn and Chiron opposite Venus. Although a Grand Square can be observed as a very difficult arrangement, the key in this case is to look at how harmonious these planets are when used together. And since this Grand Cross is occurring upon each of the Equinox and Solstice points of the year, this suggests great potential in new opportunities and growth for all!

First of all Saturn in Capricorn/Moon in Cancer opposition is not only these two planetary influences in their houses of power, they also create a potent Tri-Tone that can help us to identify our Heart’s desire and activate our instinctual ability to move towards it.

I’m definitely feeling that working with the front Mu points for the Pericardium and Stomach would be a great way to harmonize this powerful tidal opposition. Therefore, Saturn on REN 17 and New Moon on REN 12 would be a great way to bring guided, cooling and connective water to the structure that our Heart resides within. You can also work with Chiron on REN 17 and New Moon on REN 12 to help the Heart process stuck emotions/anger.

Although Chiron is not the ruler of Aries, Mars is 60 degrees away in the liberating sign of Aquarius. This suggests that Chiron (who was also a renowned warrior as well as healer) is ready to fight for what is just and to help those in need!

Chiron opposite Venus in Libra also creates a tri-tone harmonically that in this regard will amplify our ability to discern wisdom from folly through our conscious mind (Chiron in Aries), and enhance our ability to work together in setting and achieving a common goal for the good of all (Venus in Libra). In this case, I am going to recommend trying out Chiron on LIV 14 (Cycle Gate) and Venus on LU 1 (Middle Palace) as a place to start with this combination. To me this feels like an empowering combo to give us the needed centering and focus to step forward through the portal in wisdom and grace. Another supporting point that I might consider here is LU 3 (Palace of Heaven) for additional assistance in receiving guidance from our subconscious, illuminating the darkness. I would also bring this combination to SI 11 (Heavenly Gathering) to further remind the body that we are not alone and that hosts of benevolent beings are actively working to assist and elevate us.

Now that we’ve studied the oppositions that make up the Cardinal Grand Cross, let’s take a look at the square energetics as well. The remaining possible combinations here are Chiron/Moon, Saturn/Venus, Chiron/Saturn and Moon/Venus. If instead of New Moon we use Full Moon in these combinations, we have some very symmetric and parallel vibrations from a purely harmonic perspective. Chiron/Full Moon and Saturn/Venus are two of the more perfect 5ths in our set. And Full Moon/Venus and Saturn/Chiron are very pleasing microtonal 2nds that are excellent for clearing, creativity and meditation. Try using these combinations on the Yin and Yang Motility Vessels to activate openness to new opportunities. Dream BIG!

These harmonic relationships further affirm my perspective that this Cardinal Grand Cross is a portal to step through in harmony and optimism. Remember that worrying is suffering twice, and remind your Soul Tribe the same. This is a time for optimism because an optimistic heart invites miracles to happen.

Wow! We only made it to August 8th! But at this point, I have run out of time and space to discuss the last half of August with you! However, I encourage you to reach out and chat with me via email if you are interested in discussing treatment ideas for the Grand Earth Trine occurring on August 25th.

Here is a copy of the Astrologer’s Cheat Sheet which I and many of my friends frequently use as a mnemonic while channeling useful astrological information. Take a look at it and see if it might help you on your path to astrological discovery!

In the meantime, I wish you all Love, Joy and Prosperity this month and beyond!

Mahalo Ke Akua ~ Tone

John “Tone” Rosan is a Student Practitioner who has been studying Acutonics since 2015. He is working towards finishing his certification by 2020 so that he may open his own healing practice as well as teach Acutonics. Tone lives just west of Denver, Colorado in Lakewood with his wife and children where he also works as a sound engineer and IT specialist. His lifelong passion is in making music and sound for healing and enjoyment!

"It was such a pleasure to learn about Acutonics at the TCM Kongress in Rothenburg! I was sceptical at first, but completely sold on the approach by lunchtime on Saturday. And that was before I experienced a treatment! I have been doing nothing but Acutonics since my return home - patients, family, friends, colleagues - no one is safe! What I have observed so far is that 1) it makes people very happy and 2) they find it very relaxing. I look forward to following through to observe the effects on symptoms"

- Beverley de Valois, PhD LicAc FBAcC, Northwood, UK