News: November 2017.

November Astrological Events and Treatment Ideas

Just as we finish celebrating our deceased, we are often reminded of our mortality and how it is never too late to enjoy our lives to the fullest.
Embodying the Return of Art and Spirit into Integrative Medicine

Lillian Eugenie Woodburn (Lee) took her first Acutonics classes in June of 2017 at the Mothership here in New Mexico. She has continued to pursue her studies with a passion for this medicine. As of November, Lee has completed Acutonics Levels I to VI and she has also participated in a clinic day. She’s already registered for Harmonic Pathology, Sedna and NSEV, all of which will be offered next Spring.
Getting One’s Life in Balance – Faculty Profile on Marco Antonio de Franchi Siqueira, Mangaratiba, Brazil

Before he discovered Acutonics in 2008, Marco Antonio de Franchi Siqueira used to get very stressed. Worse, the stress led to constant headaches and a terrible sinus condition. Which Marco tried to alleviate first with medication then with Pranic healing (among other things). Finally, it was one of his Pranic healing teachers who told him, Get thee to Acutonics. “That first treatment really knocked me out,” remembers Marco. “When I awoke, I wanted to know more about it.”
Pluto: The Frontier Planet

Pluto represents the soul or psyche, the shadow and father, all aspects of things that are buried, sexual taboos, fertilization, decay, fiery volcanic eruptions, criminal behavior, and things that lurk deep below the surface, including the unconscious and the collective unconscious.
Late Autumn a Time of Transformation and Renewal

This is a time of seasonal transition, here in the north, we move from the Autumnal Equinox to the Winter Solstice. The abundant harvest has been stored for the long winter months and we begin the process of return to the depths of our being, an inward time when we are able to access the energy of transformation.

"It was a gift to learn from a teacher (Sue Wadden) who has so much knowledge of classical acupuncture. I can now use tuning forks on my patients who prefer not to have needles."

- Shannon