News: April 2017.

April 2017 Astrological Forecast: Changes in Direction

April 2017 brings numerous motion changes with personal planets. Personal planets are closest to Earth and viewable with the naked eye. We feel the effects of their motion changes in our everyday lives. In general, there is more obvious manifestation with these inner personal planets when they change direction than with the outer, more transcendental planets. Venus, Saturn, Mercury, and the impersonal dwarf planet, Pluto all change direction in April.
Acutonics Teacher Ron LaPlace—Fulfilling His Life’s Plan

The first time Ron LaPlace encountered Acutonics, he had an almost out-of-body experience. And while it may not have registered as one of life’s sea changes, as he likes to call them, it rates right up there. It was back in 2003 in Alberta, Canada. He and some friends had gathered at his house, which they’d do once a month, to talk about sacred geometry (something Ron had been studying since his first sea change at 18). His friend had brought some tuning forks that day, and needed a volunteer. Ron accepted, and was told to record everything that came into his mind.
Shealan Anderson: Acutonics® Student and Intrepid Traveler

Shealan Anderson recently spent twelve days with us here at the Mothership. She completed Acutonics Level I & II with Paul and Jude Ponton in Seattle and she completed her Level III & IV training at the Mothership in September of 2015. Shealan Anderson was at the Mothership for twelve days in March as a student intern, helping on the land, in the growing dome, making wine, and giving treatments as part of her required clinic hours. She also took on a huge project assembling almost 500 belted acuvators. She is indeed an intrepid traveler, adventurous, bold, daring and spirited, she helped us celebrate our 20th birthday and St. Patrick’s Day, too! It was a joy to have her here and we hope she will return as her can do attitude and warm spirit not only brightened our days, but contributed to our day-to-day operations in a really positive way.
Mary Elizabeth Wakefield and MichelAngelo Travel the World Promoting Constitutional Facial Acupuncture and Acutonics®

Since taking their first Acutonics classes in 2003 Mary Elizabeth Wakefield (MEW) and MichelAngelo have been collaborators and huge supporters of our work with sound vibration in a clinical setting. Although based in New York they travel the world and are frequent presenters at conferences. In this contribution from MEW for the Acutonics Newsletter we catch up with some of their past and upcoming events
Mars: Harnessing the Energy of the Warrior

Mars represents the Warrior archetype. This archetype possesses the capacity for combativeness, ambition, self-preservation (will and ability to survival) and getting what you want. Mars is the personification of Yang energy, the masculine, and sexual energy. It fuels the energy for competition, drive, ego and taking action. Mars is the energy we use when we project ourselves, and our personal power out into the world.

"The Neptune gong arrived, it spent some time at my home for us to become acquainted, and now is in my therapy office. What an incredible presence! It really is like a living being. I am very grateful. I feel like the gong is a good teacher, ally, and motivator in my study and practice. "

- Shirsten Lundblad, M.Div., LMT