2018 July Astrology - The Dance between the Moon, Sun, Sedna, Water, Fire & Ether

2018 July Astrology - The Dance between the Moon, Sun, Sedna, Water, Fire & Ether

Comprehending our Universe beyond Earthly Duality through the Path of the Open Heart with Unconditional Love

by Lynn Wedekind, M.Ed., Senior Licensed Acutonics Faculty, Certified Acutonics® Practitioner

“Those who follow the clockwise path are governed by the changes of Yin and Yang. Those that take the reverse path, however, will be able to walk in the void.” — Tao-hsuan p’ien

5 Element Theory, Fire Element Themes:
South, Summer, Heat, Red, Laughter, Blood Vessels, Wizard, Spirit, Warmth and Enthusiasm, Transcend Ordinary Existence
Meridians: Heart/Small Intestine, Pericardium, San Jiao
Emotion: Happiness and Joy (balanced), Panic and Hysteria (excess), Withdrawal and Depression, (diminished)
Stress Response: Fall Apart, Feeling Overwhelmed, Losing Balance
Greatest Virtue: Living in the Now
Planet Rulership: Mars, Sun, Jupiter
White Tiger or Green Dragon

Significant Dates:
Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
Leo (July 23 – August 23)
New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse July 12, 10:47 pm EST, 20 degrees 41’ Cancer
Rare Planetary Alignment with the Sun – Starting July 19, 2018
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – July 27, 4:20 pm EST, 4 degrees 44’ Aquarius

Planetary Aspects:
7/5 –  Sun Trine Jupiter, Mercury Oppose Mars
7/8 –  Sun Trine Neptune
7/9 –  Mercury Square Jupiter
7/10 – Jupiter Direct
7/11 – Venus Trine Uranus
7/12 – Sun Oppose Pluto
7/12 – New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse, 20 degrees Cancer
7/14 – Venus Trine Saturn
7/19 – First Quarter Moon in Libra, Rare Planetary Alignment all Planets on one side of the Sun
7/22 – Venus Sextile Jupiter
7/24 – Venus Oppose Neptune
7/25 – Sun Square Uranus (Change)
7/26 – Mercury Retrograde
7/27 – Sun Oppose Mars
7/27 – Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, 4 degrees Aquarius
7/27 – Venus Trine Pluto

As we embrace our Kronos time line for June through July, the Sun moves from the constellation of Cancer, ruled by the watery Moon (June 21 – July 23) to enter into its rulership of warm hearted Leo, (July 23 – August 23), beginning with the solstice on June 21 which heralded in the element of Fire. An additional fire theme is our fiery planet Mars went retrograde on June 26 and remains in this position until August 27, 2018. When a planet goes retrograde, it is always a good opportunity to review the qualities and archetypes of that planet in relationship to other planetary alignments affected by that planet. 

The month of July also offers up two eclipses, with a partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 12th opposing Pluto, (the planet of transformation and evolution). In this case Pluto might be asking us in what ways we need to nurture our heart in order to follow our soul’s purpose at this moment in time. With the end of July’s New Moon Total Lunar Eclipse opposing Mars Retrograde, expect this second eclipse to activate our planet’s emotions around issues of social justice. This is a time that calls us to choose either conflict and aggression, or righteous anger and love that we channel into activism, with the compassion of the Buddha. As I write this, Americans across the US are choosing to march for “Families Belong Together” in over 500 cities and in front of the White House.

Planetary alignments help humanity evolve and July proves to be a potent month with loads of action from the fiery trio of the Sun, Jupiter and Mars. Perhaps this dynamic trio will assist in igniting our internal fires, the divine numinous spark, that asks us to engage in rightful action during these times of unprecedented change. 

In Five Element Theory, when the element of Fire is in balance, we are happy, joyful and engaged in enthusiastic, loving, kind-hearted actions and social connections. When Fire is diminished, there is lack of enthusiasm and depression.  If there is an excess, hyper-excitability, restlessness, and aggression may result. Currently over 36 volcanoes on earth are erupting including Hawaii’s momentous Kilauea eruption. Pele, the Goddess of Fire, and the embodiment of the Fire Element, is very present in our consciousness. This phase of active volcanic eruptions is a recurring cycle on our beloved Mother Earth. Perhaps this is an invitation to witness the element of Fire on Earth and within ourselves, to examine our actions, and identify ways to seek balance and refuge within the being-ness of our hearts?

Specific highlights for July’s Astrology commence on July 5 when the Sun Trines Jupiter, five days later on July 10, Jupiter stations direct, and on the 12th there is a Full Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer opposing Pluto. There is also a rare planetary phenomenon on July 19 with all the planets aligning to one side of the Sun within 180 degrees. Mercury goes retrograde on July 26, with the grand planetary finale on July 27, with the Sun opposing retrograde Mars, and Mars opposing the New Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius.

The rare planetary alignment taking place on July 19, will last until September 1. It has not happened in over 20 years and in the last 120 years it has occurred only 6 times: 1998, 1982, 1953, 1944, 1942 and 1917. Mercury is the first to take us out of alignment, followed by Venus and the Earth. A common denominator during each of these planetary arrangements (with the exception of 1998) is that the Earth experienced an increase in volcanic eruptions. Globally, 36 volcanic eruptions are currently occurring with the possibility of moving into more volcanic activity from now till September. You can monitor this alignment with the App: Cosmographia.

Because July brings two eclipses which the ancients claim are harbingers of change, as well as a rare planetary alignment the instability of Earth may increase. With this in mind my suggested treatment strategies for this month focus on treating the heart, to balance the element of Fire, so that we accept the unknown and are able to vibrate in sympathetic resonance with a loving heart. While this may be easier said than done the suggestions below will aid in grounding, promote balance, relaxation, expansion and DNA reformatting. 

I have cited ways to reset our Axis Mundi to Sedna, shift our nervous system from sympathetic (stress response), to para-sympathetic (relaxation response), by treating the Huato Jiaji and the Baliao. To nourish and balance the yin and yang of the heart apply Sedna, the Moon and Sun to the Mountain of Balance Points. Use the same tools to nourish the heart chakra, through the Yin Wei Mai, so that we are able to walk the world with an open heart. Use the Cosmic Capstone to expanded sacred geometry and to shield and protect. The following intervals and treatment ideas are suggestions to use throughout the month. Use with discretion, follow guidelines for treatment that are taught throughout your Acutonics® training and remember not to over treat.

Suggested Intervals:
Sedna/Full Moon Minor 7th
Sedna/Sun Minor 8th
Sedna Octave

Treatment Suggestions to Consider:
The Three Treasures (DU 20, REN 4 and REN 17) 
Ren Mai and Du Mai or Yin Wei Mai
Mountain of Balance Points
Nourish BL 11
Huato Jiaji and the Baliao
Cosmic Capstone

Treatment Strategies for the Three Treasures: 
Ohm Octave
Full Moon 6th
Solar 7th
Follow with
Sedna Octave
Sedna/Sun minor 8th
Sedna/Moon minor 7th
End your installation on the Three Treasures with Ren 17 with an intuitive Planetary 5th of your choosing to assist with opening the heart chakra. Chiron/Venus 5th; Sun/Jupiter 5th; Sedna/Jupiter 5th.

When making your treatment decisions choose intervals that utilize the Sun, Moon and Sedna, with the above treatment strategies focus to focus on empowering the path of the heart.

Remembering we are the people of the Shao Yang, which has never been so present in us as it is now. With Jump Time upon us, where, what and how shall we jump? How shall we travel in the void? What rightful action is necessary for our humanity to choose in this moment? Will we choose a timeline of love, unity in community, humanitarianism, peace, harmony, love, joy and understanding for humankind? Or will we stand silent, witness dramas unfold, and be paralyzed like a deer in headlights? The Hopi believe that Earth prayers and ceremony will help us with a smooth and less intense transition during The Great Purification.

The hour is NOW! More than ever are we being asked to hold our center, stay grounded, be in and honor nature, meditate, chant, sing, pray, hold ceremony for the Earth. I invite you to point your compass to Spirit, to stay in connection with the universal flow of love through the Planetary tones of Acutonics. As we each claim our responsibility for Earth with leadership from our open loving hearts.

Out beyond ideas, there is a field of love and harmony…Out beyond ideas, WE SHALL MEET US THERE.

Lynn Wedekind is a senior licensed Acutonics faculty member and a Certified Acutonics® Practitioner she offers classes, student mentorship and clinics at Tierra Canta Earth & Sound Healing Sanctuary, in Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Her upcoming classes include Level III & IV Intensive Retreat, November 2-11, 2018; Acutonics I & II Intensive, December 7-15, 2018; Acutonics I & II, Intensive January 26-Feb 3 2019. Acutonics IX Sedna, March 27-20, 2019 followed by the 3rd Annual Sedna Integration Sound Journey Retreat to San Ingacio, BCS Mexico, April 1-7, 2019. In addition, Lynn is offering 50 clinic hours with a focus on integrating astrology into clinical practice, February 22-25, 2019 and March 8-12, 2019 earn 50 clinical hours by participating in a Community Clinic for the children of Todos Santos through the Padrino Foundation sponsored by Dr. Hildegard Alejandra.
Lynn can be contacted at 360-353-4488; email: tuneintuit@gmail.com;
website: http://www.TierraCantaBaja.com

"The physical issue . . . centered around, an essential tremor in my hand and leg that I have had for about 8 years. In working with Elle for about 6 months and the way she technically AND intuitively uses Acutonics, I am happy to report that over time my hand tremor has lessened quite a bit and my leg, which could sometimes jerk quite substantially during the night, has almost disappeared... [After] every session, I always felt “lighter”, happier, [and calmer]. "

- John Lehman, Nashville, TN