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Elfi Six, LMT, CMA, Dipl OBT

Elfi Six, LMT, CMA, Dipl OBT
South Egremont, MA

I am intrigued by life expressing itself through patterns of Energy Flow and vibration throughout body-mind-spirit. Various fields of study are trying to describe and solve this phenomenon especially when it is expressing itself in discomfort and even disease. Initially I addressed those issues as an Ohashiatsu Practitioner and Instructor over 30 years ago in New York City. I feel very grateful for how my journey led me to live in the Berkshires, MA, being surrounded and nurtured daily by the beauty of nature. I added Sound Healing in form of Acutonics to my Shiatsu Touch Therapy.

Since I became an Acutonics Instructor in 2004 I also provided this desired harmonic alignment for my clients at Canyon Ranch, where I was instrumental in its implementation and training of the staff in the Acupuncture department. Because of my enthusiasm for this work, I took it to many places, even to Germany, where I presented at the Liquid Sound Festival in Bad Sulza, GERMANY, titled: Baden und Träumen in Klang, Licht und Sternenwelten, 2007 - Lecture: "Töne die heilen".

Besides my Private Practice I share Gong Meditation in the Community and take this therapy to dog camps. Over 20 years I volunteer at a healing retreat of a Zen Monastery.

I contributed a Case Study about "Shoulder and Neck Pain" in the Case Study Companion Guide to Acutonics - From Galaxies to Cells, p. 83.

Below I let another client speak about his experience;
“Utilizing tuning forks (instead of needles) on points and meridians for therapy? The idea of this sonic-vibratory approach to healing delighted me when I learned of it a few years ago. My first experience was far beyond every prior imagining. With first touch and tone I feel a deep, natural trust and receptivity. Eyes closed, I find myself suddenly transported to the interior of an ancient/timeless pyramid for a precise re-tuning; a physical, emotional calm, a mental and spiritual resting with the heart, song and beauty of Creation. So gracefully and wordlessly direct!  All within Elfi’s magnificent sound chamber and of course her love of the process; her attentive care, skill, and honoring, compassionate presence.” -Stephen the Flute Player

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"Acutonics ties together science, cosmology, biology, and psychology, while providing exceptional hands-on experience for practitioners. There is so much depth and new knowledge gained in every class, this work is deeply transformational. "

- Irit Lerner, Israel