Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

Acutonics® Course Descriptions

Acutonics® Elective: The Transcendent Face

The Transcendent Face™ seminar will apply the Acutonics® tuning forks categorized as the “suprapersonal” planets —Chiron, Nibiru and Sedna — as well as the 4 female asteroids —Ceres, the “Nurturer”, Pallas Athena, the “Strategist”, Vesta, the “Vestal Virgin” and Juno, the “Mother” — to the body and face.

Acutonics® Elective: Unwinding Trauma: Acutonics®, The Eight Extraordinary Vessels and Fibonacci

The Eight Extraordinary Vessels provide a gateway to psycho-emotional health and expanded consciousness. They facilitate, link and bridge the physical, energetic and emotional structures of the body, and offer an exceptional way to address trauma. Trauma affects our lives on all levels, impacting relationships within families, work environments, ethnic groups, societies, and the natural world. Trauma is at the root of disease. Getting to the substrate of where we carry trauma, and to address and unwind it, can allow for remarkable release—revealing more of our essential nature.

Acutonics Elective: The Original Seeds of Eight: An Experiential Deeper Dive into the Eight Extraordinary Vessels

This experiential class will explore the ways that we respond to each of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, both within our own being and in the world around us. This deep and powerful investigation will take our personal understanding of each vessel to a new level, as we discover new connections and opportunities to integrate them into our work and life. From our very first meeting, what you learn will translate into your daily life and ongoing work with clients. Providing insights to move forward in powerful new ways during this unprecedented time of transformation and change. This class has been designed for Zoom. We will meet once a week for 2 hours, each week a different vessel will be explored.

Acutonics Elective: Hygiea: Holism and Expanded Consciousness

Hygiea is the ancient Greek goddess of health and the newest member of our celestial family. Her mythic legacy dates back at least to 600 BCE, where she is associated with Athena, the goddess of purity and wisdom. Hygiea brings teachings and gifts of prevention, sanitation and purification. She invites us to expand our perceptions of holism, integration, synthesis and balance to better serve the needs of our social, medical, political, and educational systems. She helps us to sanitize and filter out false intentions of ego to redefine and uphold higher laws of hygiene.

Acutonics® Elective: Interplanetary Intervals: Foundational Concepts

Understanding The Importance Of Intervallic Relationships And Integrating Them Within The Acutonics® Healing System. This foundational training deepens the concepts from Acutonics Level I and II Intervals with Planetary Intervals, as we explore the understanding of the Acutonics Planetary Musical Scale and their intervallic relationship to each other. Planetary tones incuded are of the Earth Moon and Sun, the Planets from Level III, as well as Chiron, Nibiru, & Sedna.

Acutonics® Elective: Introducing Foundations in Equine Acutonics

This class extends the treatment skills and frequencies taught in Acutonics levels 1 & 2 to working on horses. Rooted in evolutionary harmonic physics and East Asian Medicine, this course focuses on bringing the horse into a state of physical completeness. Enhancing performance and quality of relationship through amplifying to core identity of the individual horse.

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