Acutonics® Elective: Evolution of Consciousness

Nature has found a way to design life out of a spiral. The Elective: Harmonic Geometry: The Fibonacci Process explores this spiral by understanding the Fibonacci sequence and its relationship to Sacred geometry, creation, evolution and the 8 Extraordinary Vessels. It expands upon this information by demonstrating how consciousness is going through an evolution, following the 5, 8, 13 of the Fibonacci sequence. The 5 representing polarity consciousness, the 8 representing the 8 Extraordinary Vessels acting as the bridge or Philosopher’s Stone, and the 13 representing unity consciousness.

Acutonics Elective: Evolution of Conciousness: The 8 Extraordinary and Evolutionary Vessels information about this energetic is timely, as humans, Mother Earth and all her creatures are going through an evolution in consciousness. Many ancient cultures, Indigenous traditions and explorers of consciousness speak about this time we are in, as a moment of great transition and evolution. Some traditions speak of this evolution as a movement of consciousness from the head to the heart. The greatest obstacles we all face when making this movement are the emotions. But to recognize that the emotions are our ally and teacher, they become the guides that point us in the direction of the Sacred Space of the Heart. The balance of these emotional frequencies opens the gates for consciousness to make its spiral ascent into heart-space.

The Soul’s blueprint (8 Extraordinary Vessels) resonates with specific emotional frequencies. Choosing to feel and activate the Soul’s emotional frequencies begins a process of internal alchemy. Through this alchemical process, the emotions become balanced, brain hemispheres balance, brainwave patterns shift and coherence between mind/body is achieved. Coherence creates a gateway for consciousness to ascend from the head to the Sacred Space of the Heart. The 8 Extraordinary Vessels are here to help us with this evolution in consciousness, the ascent into the Heart Space. The 8 Extraordinary Vessels have a powerful effect on our outer and inner perceptions, brainwave activity, psych-emotional transcendence and evolution in consciousness.

Recommended Reading:
Five Spirits: Alchemical Acupuncture for Psychological and Spiritual Healing by Lorie Eve Dechar, 2006

"One of the most amazing things that transpired since doing Acutonics is that my hot flashes have completely gone away! Not only do I feel better and look better, but life without hot flashes is fantastic! "

- Betsy Burton, Boulder