Acutonics® Elective: Astrotonics

Learn How To Align With Soul’s Frequency Through The Astrological Chart 

During this 3-day class, explore the energetic signatures present in the astrology chart and how to work with them using celestial frequencies and vibrational resonance. Energetically empower people to embrace the intention for their soul’s growth in the current lifetime, release debilitating patterns, accentuate strengths, and embrace the polarities that make us more whole.

Our focus and intention throughout this work is to restore harmony by working with the energies of the chart and the corresponding energy fields and centers of the emotional body of the chart owners, rather than the mental body. We maintain that Knowledge is an essential first component. Then, by utilizing the resonance of the tools, according to what must be accomplished for each person in key areas depicted in the chart, we can facilitate the journey toward wholeness by energetically establishing and/or restoring Flow.

We believe that this approach to the attunement of the soul blueprint with relevant cosmic sound frequencies to achieve harmony plays a fundamental role in shaping the New Humanity. 

This Will Be Accomplished By:

  1. Developing a basic understanding of the astrological chart       
  2. Learning to identify the important Soul Markers in the chart as well as the Soul theme for the current lifetime and the direction of our life’s work 
  3. Learning how to work with relevant aspects and their impact on the soul journey and developing an understanding of the necessity of their roles and importance 
  4. Energetic correlations on/in the body or in the energetic field to facilitate an inner and/or energetic understanding of the journey and what it asks of us
  5. Working energetically with the chart through the science and wisdom of vibration and frequency of the forks
  6. Cultivating an understanding – mentally, physically, energetically – of the challenging and harmonious patterns we have brought to the current lifetime and learning how to work with them to establish inner harmony.

Acutonics Tools Used: Level I: Earth Moon Professional Set, Solar 7th Set and Level III Tools: Planetary Forks.

3-Day Class:
This class was developed and is taught by Ling Chen, PhD, Acutonics Senior Faculty Member and Nancy Auspelmyer.

Nancy Auspelmyer is an Intuitive Consultant, Writer, Astrologer, and Life Journey Guide, exploring the life journey while focusing on the evolutionary Journey of the Soul. She has shared her knowledge and expertise through classes and workshops for over 30 years to awaken natural abilities, and coordinates Spiritual group travel to sacred sites and power places across the globe.

Course Length: 3-day Class
Prerequisites: Acutonics Level I: Sound Gates to Meridian Harmonics. Level II and Level III are preferred, but not required.

"The Neptune gong arrived, it spent some time at my home for us to become acquainted, and now is in my therapy office. What an incredible presence! It really is like a living being. I am very grateful. I feel like the gong is a good teacher, ally, and motivator in my study and practice. "

- Shirsten Lundblad, M.Div., LMT