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Acutonics® Elective: Interplanetary Intervals: Foundational Concepts - 8 Week Course - Online

Date & Time: Saturday, October 9, 2021 - Saturday, November 27, 2021 | 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Location: Online - Zoom
Course: Acutonics® Elective: Interplanetary Intervals: Foundational Concepts
Cost: $650
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Class Reference #: 10281
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A New Acutonics Elective taught in a unique way by Lynn Wedekind, MEd., Senior Licensed Acutonics Faculty, Professional Musician

This foundational training deepens the concepts from Acutonics Level I and II Intervals with Planetary Intervals, as we explore the understanding of the Acutonics Planetary Musical Scale and their intervallic relationship to each other. Planetary tones incuded are of the Earth Moon and Sun, the Planets from Level III, as well as Chiron, Nibiru, & Sedna.

This class will broaden your understanding between basic Western Music concepts and theory with Even-Tempered Musical Notes and Intervals, in comparison to the Well-Tempered Planetary Musical Tones and Intervals. No previous musical background is necessary.

Expand your knowledge of Cosmic Music and Intervals, from a historical, alchemical and mathematical perspective with Interplanetary Intervals; including intervals within the octave, inversions, complex intervals, The Law of the Octave and the Overtone Series and how they apply to the Acutonics Healing System.


  • Learn the basic similarities and differences between well-tempered (Planetary) and even-tempered (Western Music) tones and intervals.
  • Understand the concept of intervallic choices and how they affect and enhance sound treatments.
  • Learn to identify intervals based upon mathematics and listening from a variety of intervallic and basic music theory tools.
  • Expand your knowledge of Interplanetary Intervals while fine tuning your planetary tone choices for treatment protocols based upon archetypes and intervals.
  • Integrate and expand your consciousness and inner listening of intervallic relationships, through experiential protocols each week concluding with an ancient Daoist alchemical template.

This class is 8 weeks long meeting once a week for 3 hours on zoom. Each week we will explore and build upon the concept of choosing intervallic sequences that expand your treatments beyond the scope of archetypal qualities. You will have about 45 minutes of homework per week, including activating points and/or Extraordinary Vessels, with a new understanding of intervallic sequences that enhance your archetypal choices, including archetypes that include integrating and understanding of the intervallic choices.

Hours: Saturday’s at 1pm PST, 2 pm MNT, 3 pm EST - Starting October 9th – Nov 27th, 2021.
This class is 32 hours with 24 hours on-line and 45 minutes weekly to activate points and take notes to share. Other times possible to suit your time zone.

Week 1:

Basic Music Theory:
Cosmic Scale vs. Western Music Scale
Planetary Scale with Ohm Octaves, 8ths, 5ths

Week 2:
Basic Music Theory Continued:
3rds, the Triad, and 6ths

Week 3:

Week 4:
2nds and 7ths
Planetary Scale with Sedna
Review of all Intervals

Week 5:
Blending Archetypes and Intervals

Week 6:
Complex Intervals
Beyond the Octave - Bridging Worlds & Dimensions

Week 7:
Overtones & The Law of Harmony

Week 8:
Putting it all together
Exploring Alchemical Sequences